Practical tips on the latest test technologies will be discussed every 45 minutes in booth 735. Questions welcomed.

Weds Jan 28

1:00p   Eric Bogatin’s 5 Rules for Successful Engineering

1:45p   DDR4 Protocol Compliance & Debug

2:30p   Introducing Eye & Jitter Analysis of PAM4 Signals

3:15p   Protocol Testing & Analysis of PCIe Systems

4:00p   The Evolution of USB: Looking Ahead to Type-C, Power Delivery & 10Gbps Speed

4:45p   Unleashing the Power of Multi-Lane Eye & Jitter Analysis

5:30p   100 GHz Real-Time Oscilloscope

Thurs Jan 29

1:00p   Eric Bogatin’s Window into Switching Noise, PDN Noise & Jitter

1:45p   PCIe Link Equalization – An Overview

2:30p   3-Phase Power Electronics & Control Loop Analysis Using 8 Channel, 12-bit, HDO8000 Oscilloscopes

3:15p   DDR Debug Toolkit: Test, Debug & Analysis Tools for the Entire DDR Design Cycle

4:00p   Dealing with Less-than-Ideal Probing Situations

4:45p   Introducing Eye & Jitter Analysis of PAM4 Signals

5:30p   100 GHz Real-Time Oscilloscope


FREE Rechargeable USB Power Bank

to session participants


Also, Please join us for the following technical presentations:

Tues Jan 27

4:45-6:00p   [9-TU3]
The Case of the Closing Eye – Resolving 25GB/SEC Design Challenges
Speakers: Marty Miller (Teledyne LeCroy), Chris Loberg and Pavel Zivny (Tektronix, Inc.), Ransom Stephens (Ransom's Notes),
Greg D. Le Cheminant (Keysight Technologies), Mike Li(Altera), Cathy Liu (Avago Technologies), Mark Marlett (Inphi Corp.)

Weds Jan 28

1:00-1:40p   [Ch01]
The Jitter Story: A 5-Decade Evolution of Timing Analysis
Speaker: Alan Blankman (Teledyne LeCroy)

3:40-4:20p   [Ch04]
Speed Training: The Best Free Simulation Tool for Signal Integrity Applications
Speaker: Eric Bogatin (Teledyne LeCroy)

Thurs Jan 29

9:20-10:00a   [Vs41]
Channel Testing Using a 32G NRZ/PAM4 Waveform Generator and 65 GHz Oscilloscope to Analyze Jitter
Speakers: Alan Blankman (Teledyne LeCroy), Hiroshi Goto (Anritsu)

2:50-3:30p   [Ch06]
Speed Training: So You Think You Understand S-Parameters? Here are Some Puzzles for You
Speaker: Eric Bogatin (Teledyne LeCroy)

Fri Jan 30

9:50-10:30a   [9-Fr2]
Exploring Analysis of Jitter, Noise and BER for PAM4
Speaker: Marty Miller (Teledyne LeCroy)