1. From scope application:
    File > exit to go to the Windows desktop screen.
    1. Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts > Manage Accounts
    2. Create a user that is same as your controller PC user with same password.
    3. Make sure that created user is a local admin.
    1. Windows Start > type dcomcnfg in the “Search programs and files” then press return

      Figure 1:

      DCOMCNFG popup window

    2. Component Services > Computers > right click on My Computer then select "Properties"
    3. Options tab : enter 0 for Transaction timeout, then click “Apply”

      Figure 2:

      DCOMCNFG Options Tab

    4. Now go to Default Properties tab make sure "Enable distributed COM on this computer" is checked. If not check it and then click “Apply”.

      Figure 3:

      DCOMCNFG Default Properties

    5. From the same DCOMCNFG popup screen(Figure 1);
      Component Services > Computers > My computer > DCOM Config > right click on LeCroyXStreamDSO then select "Properties".

      Figure 4:

    6. Identity tab > select "The interactive user"

      Figure 5:

  2. Close Properties
    Close Component Services.
    1. Windows Start > type wf.msc in the “Search programs and files” then press return
    2. open Inbound Rules
    3. There are two rules named : "Windows Management Instrumentation(DCOM-In). Right click and Enable Rule for both of them

      Figure 6:

      Windows Firewall setting for Inbound Rules

  3. log out and then log in again as a created user with password