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8b10b WR6Zi

8b10b WR6Zi Decode Option

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Leading Features:

  • 8b/10b Symbol Trigger and Decode, ideal for:
    • Ethernet, FibreChannel 1G, 2G, IEEE 1394B, PCI Express® SAS, Serial ATA, Serial Rapid IO (SRIO), XAUI
  • 80 bit NRZ Serial Trigger
  • Up to 3.125 Gb/s true hardware protocol triggering
  • Comprehensive Pattern, Symbol, Primitive and Error Triggering
  • 8b/10b decode up to four lines simultaneously for lane-to-lane skew validation
  • Color-coded decode overlaid on the waveform is intuitive and easy-to-read
  • Convenient table display with quick "zoom to message" capability

Comprehensive Hardware Triggering
Up to 3.125 Gb/s true hardware serial pattern and symbol triggering, with symbol string, symbol "OR", protocol dependent primitive selection, and a variety of valuable symbol error triggers make this option indispensable for fast debug.

Symbol Decode Annotation Complements Physical Layer Views
The 8b/10b symbol decode information is annotated on the physical layer waveform. Various sections of the protocol are color coded to make it easy to understand. Decode annotation information condenses or expands depending on the timebase/zoom ratio setting. The decode operation is fast — even with long acquisitions. Decode annotation provides the ability to view protocol traffic on the oscilloscope and verify that the link is alive and transmitting properly. It also aids in debugging problems that are not solely analog or digital in nature, such as interoperability issues, uncertain error causes, and physical layer issues not evident with a Protocol Analyzer.

Multi-Lane Capability for Lane Skew Validation
Up to four decoders at a time may be employed to make lane-to-lane frame skew validation on high-speed multilane systems.

Convenient Table Display and Search
Long oscilloscope acquisition memory provides long capture times of serial data transmissions. Decoded symbol information is conveniently shown in a table format, and specific symbols may be searched for. In addition, table data may be exported as a .csv file.