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GRL-USB-PD-C1 is a flexible test controller, designed for USB-PD Compliance testing of the Unit Under Test (UUT) and more.

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Key Features
  • Performs Compliance Tests for any USB Power Delivery or Type-C design
  • Tests USB Power Delivery BiPhase Mark Codes (BMC) Physical Layer (PHY), Protocol (PROT), and Power Provider/Consumer (POW) Compliance
  • Supports USB Power Delivery Protocol, Compliance, Decode, and Debug along with Electrical Measurements
  • Validates Alt Modes' Entry/Exits over USB Type-C.
  • Runs on Teledyne LeCroy Windows-based Oscilloscopes
Front Panel
  • Indicator LEDs -- Power, Attach/Detach, Source/Sink, DFP/UFP, Contract/Flip
  • Type-C Port A -- Primary connection for UUT
  • Type-C Port B -- Secondary connection for Cable testing
  • Port A Probe Points -- Probe Port A (Gnd, CC1, D+, D-, CC, Vbus) with external adapter, including Interface Adapter for high-speed test fixtures.
  • Port B Probe Points -- Probe Port B (Gnd, CC1, CC2, Vbus) with external adapter
  • Trigger Out -- Event Trigger for oscilloscope
Rear Panel
  • eLoad -- Connects to external Electronic Load for load testing of the UUT.
  • Power -- Provides options to the Power Controller and UUT
  • USB Control -- USB 3.0 Control Connection to Windows-based oscilloscope
  • Type-C SBU -- Input of SBU Signal. Output appears on Type-C Port A Connector
  • System -- External connection to upgrade FPGA Firmware