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TPA10 - TekProbe to ProBus Probe Adapter
TPA10-QUADPAK - Set of 4 TPA10 TekProbe to ProBus Probe Adapters. Includes soft carrying case.
CA10 - Programmable Current Sensor to ProBus Adapter for use with third party current sensors
Key Features
  • Provides ability for third party current sensor to operate like a Teledyne LeCroy probe
  • Programmable EEPROM for saving third party current sensor parameters
  • Allows for addition of shunt resistor and RLC filter components
  • ProBus Active interface with automatic scaling in A/div
  • Easy to use, saves time and possible errors

The CA10 is a programmable and customizable interface device that seamlessly incorporates third party current transducers/transformers with Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes or motor drive analyzers. It allows the third party device to be recognized and operate as if it were a Teledyne LeCroy probe.

Measurement Flexibility

Examples of devices that can be used with the CA10 include Pearson Current Transformers, Danisense/LEM Current Transducers, PEM-UK Rogowksi Coils, or any conventional turns-ratio current transformers. Once the CA10 is programmed, the third party transducer/transformer will be recognized and operate like a Teledyne LeCroy probe.

Power of Customization

The CA10 provides the ability to easily install physical hardware components such as shunt resistors and bandwidth filter components based on the requirements of the device being used.

The CA10 also has programmable bandwidth limit filters of full BW, 200 MHz, or 20 MHz.

Easy to Use

The programmable interface is intuitive and easy to use. Once the CA10 is configured, it will recognize the third party device with the correct scaling factors on any compatible Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscope or motor drive analyzer. This saves time and possible errors involved in manually entering scaling factors each time the device is connected.

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