Oscilloscope Probes


100:1, 2.5KV Passive High Voltage Probe Pair

    Differential Amplifiers

DA1855A - 1 Ch, 100 MHz Differential Amplifier with Precision Voltage Source
DXC100A - ÷100 or ÷10 Selectable, 250 MHz Passive Differential Probe Pair
DXC200 - ÷1, 50 MHz, Passive Differential Probe Pair
DXC-5100 - 100:1 250 MHz 40 Mohm 2.75pf Differential Probe Pair;
DA101 - 10:1 1 MOhm Passive Attenuator
DA1855A-PR2 - 2 Ch, 100 MHz, Differential Amplifier with Precision Voltage Source
DA1855A-PR2-RM - 2 Ch, DA1855A with Rackmount (must be ordered at time of purchase, no retrofit)
DA1855A-RM - DA1855A with rackmount;
Differential amplifiers are intended to act as signal conditioning preamplifiers for oscilloscopes and network and spectrum analyzers, providing differential measurement capability to instruments having only a single-ended input. The "-PR2" version of each amplifier is a dual channel unit. The DXC series differential input cables are matched to the characteristics of the amplifier.
÷100 2.5KV Passive High Voltage Probe Pair for DA18xxA series. Requires DA101 for full performance

Main Specifications

Bandwidth 250 MHz

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