Oscilloscope Probes


1000:1 400 MHz 50M Ohm High-Voltage Probe

    High Voltage Passive Probes

HVP120 - 400 MHz, 1kV Vrms High-Voltage Passive Probe
PPE4KV - 100:1 400 MHz 50 MOhms High-Voltage Probe
PPE5KV - 100:1 400 MHz 50 MOhms High-Voltage Probe
PPE6KV - 1000:1 400 MHz 50 MOhms High-Voltage Probe
The PPE series of probes are suitable for a wide range of applications where high-voltage measurements must be made safely and accurately. There are three fixed-attenuation probes covering a range from 4 kV to 6 kV (the HVP120 is suitable for use up to 1 kVrms or 6kV transients).

New technology which utilizes hybrid circuitry minimizes ringing and overshoot to provide a precise response.

All PPE series probes automatically re-scale any supported Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscope for the appropriate attenuation factor of the probe.

Main Specifications

Bandwidth 400 MHz
Attenuation 1000:1

Physical Dimensions

Cable Length 2m


Probe Ring Yes

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