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Timing Calculator for BTTracer


I measured in two different piconets at the same time and want to know the data throughput in each piconet separately. What I have to do?


If separation by LtAddr in Timing Calculation dialog is not covering your case, you can analyze your piconets by storing them into two different trace files first. Let's say you have a trace file with two piconets (A and B) recorded at the same time. Open it, hide everything for piconet B, go File-Save_as, check "Do not save hidden Packet/Message/Protocol" checkbox, choose the name and press OK. You will get a trace file with only piconet A in it. Now you can open it and make all needed measurements.

For the throughput of higher-level protocols, you can use Traffic Summary. It gives you the amount of data transferred on each logical transport.


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