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Digital Oscilloscopes – XStreamDSO – Remote Control - Waveform


How do I use remote control to examine the contents of a waveform?


Waveform data can be queried as either ASCII or binary data.  With either data type, you may query the waveform description directly on the oscilloscope to retrieve the data necessary to display the waveform.

The waveform has two primary parts: the waveform description, “WAVEDESC”; and the data array (“Data_Array_1;Data_Array_2”) containing vertical data points.

To query readable (ASCII) waveform information, use the INSPECT? query command.

Use the INSPECT? query command to query either the entire waveform description, specific data in the waveform description, or the waveform vertical values contained in the data array.

For example, vertical waveform information such as VERTICAL_GAIN, VERTICAL_OFFSET, and VERTICAL_UNIT may be read from the waveform description. Horizontal waveform information includes TRIGGER_TIME, HORIZ_INTERVAL, HORIZ_OFFSET, and HORIZUNIT.

WAVE_ARRAY_1 returns the number of data points in DATA_ARRAY_1.

Use the command INSPECT? SIMPLE to query the vertical waveform data points.

The commands INSPECT? TRIGGER_TIME and INSPECT? HORIZ_INTERVAL lets us determine the time of each vertical value (TRIGGER_TIME – HORIZ_INTERVAL(npoint)).

To query the binary waveform data, use the WF? Query.

To query the complete waveform including the waveform description, data arrays, and all other data, use WF? ALL. 

After querying, the binary data may be processed to provide readable values using the waveform template. Find the waveform template in the Remote Control Manual or by using the TEMPLATE? query command. 

For more detailed description of reading and processing waveform data, please see the Remote Control Manual.


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