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QualiPHY QualiPHY


QualiPHY is designed to reduce the time and effort needed to perform compliance testing on a wide array of high-speed serial buses. QualiPHY is the most intuitive and efficient tool available for performing serial data compliance testing.
QualiPHY Datasheet


WaveStudio is a FREE PC based connectivity tool that interfaces a Teledyne LeCroy Digital Oscilloscope to a Windows XP, Vista, or 7 operating system, with support for 32 and 64 bits.

WaveStudio is a fast and easy way to analyze acquired waveforms offline, or remotely control an oscilloscope from your desktop.



ScopeExplorer is FREE PC based connectivity tool that interfaces a Teledyne LeCroy Digital Oscilloscope to the Windows 2000/XP desktop.



The EasyScope software utility is provided to connect a WaveAce oscilloscope to a PC. The EasyScope application lets you view waveforms, waveform data, waveform measurements, and bitmap images of the WaveAce display.

S-Parameter Viewer 2.0


SParamViewer is a free tool for plotting S-Parameters. Learn More about SParamViewer »

LSIB 6.0.0


LSIB (LeCroy Serial Interface Bus) is a new standard for high-speed data transfer from the oscilloscope with speeds up to 325 MB/s. Teledyne LeCroy’s exclusive LSIB solution is based on the wired PCI Express standard that uses a x4 (4 lanes) bus for remote data transfer.
LSIB Datasheet

ActiveDSO 2.36


ActiveDSO is an ActiveXTM control that enables Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes and LSA-1000 series embedded signal analyzers to be controlled by and exchange data with a variety of Windows applications that support the ActiveX standard.  MS Office programs, Internet Explorer, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual Java, and Matlab (v5.3) are a few of the many applications that support ActiveX controls.

DigTraceUtility 1.2  


DigTraceUtility is an application that reads in digital waveform files (XMLDig extension) acquired with the MS-250, MS-500 and MS-32 mixed-signal options, and allows users to view, zoom and save the waveform and bus values using several text formats. The application also includes 2 cursors for making timing measurements

EyeTraceUtility 1.0  


EyeTraceUtility is an application that reads in eye diagram waveform files (.XMLPer extension) and allows users to view, zoom and save the waveform in a text format. A script for reading the text output into MATLAB is included.

LabVIEW™, LabWindows™, and IVI Drivers


LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, and IVI Drivers for Teledyne LeCroy Digital Oscilloscopes and Digitizers.

Teledyne LeCroy VICP Passport


The Teledyne LeCroy VICP Passport is a plug-in passport driver for National Intruments' VISA driver (Windows version only).

WaveJet 300A USB Driver 1.0


The USB interface is standard on each WaveJet 300A oscilloscope. Note that the front panel USB port (located next to the power button) is for use with USB memory devices for saving waveforms, screen images and setup files. The rear panel USB port is the remote control interface. The WaveJet can be connected to a computer with USB A/B cable. Use of the WaveJet 300A USB hardware requires the installation of a USB driver on the computer. The WaveJet 300A USB drivers are included on the CD shipped with the WaveJet and are also available for download from the Teledyne LeCroy website.

DSO Network Print Gateway 1.0


The Teledyne LeCroy DSO Network Print Gateway is a software package that facilitates printing to networked printers from an Ethernet-equipped DSO.

DSOFilter 1.0 Help File


In addition to the seven popular filter types provided with DFP, custom designed filters can be also created and used. The DSOFilter which is an ActiveX control was designed to help to load these filter coefficients into Teledyne LeCroy DSOs.



MaskMaker is a FREE PC based graphic utility for creating and editing Masks. These Masks are to be later used with PolyMask, a newly released Tolerance Mask Testing option for the LC and Waverunner Oscilloscopes.

New with version 1.3
Installer works with Windows 2000, XP, and Vista

New with version 1.2
Colored Circles
Colored Circles will highlight points of interest such as failure points. Now you can select the circles color, maximum number and if they will be displayed in or out of the mask.

XY Masks
Now you can create XY masks for applications such as power measurements.

To take advantage of these new features on a WaveRunner (LT Series) or LC Series Oscilloscope, you must upgrade your DSO firmware to version 8.5.0 or higher.


Matlab runtime components are necessary for some QualiPHY scripts.