SAS InFusion and SATA InFusion v1.2 includes enhancements and improvements that address issues reported by customers. The major changes are listed below.

  1. Data Capture into Pattern Matcher/Substitute
    • A new InFusion Event can be used to specify up to 4 data strings (DWORDs) within a frame for capture by the InFusion System.
    • The data strings (up to 4) can then be used as a data pattern substitute within the Actions list. This allows InFusion to create illegal traffic conditions like duplicate tags or invalid Open_Address errors.
  2. Command-level event selection
    • InFusion software now allows users to specify ATA commands as WAIT events by using the command name. Previously, it was only possible to specify WAIT events for commands by entering the command code in hex.
  3. Fixes and Improvements
    • Corrected problem with SATA ALIGN frequency – this corrects a boundary case where the SATA ALIGN primitive is not getting transmitted within the specified 256 DWORDs when HOLD handling feature is enabled
    • Multiple DWORD substitutions within the same frame is now possible
    • Some connectivity issues with SATA devices have been improved

Availability: SAS InFusion and SATA Infusion v1.2 are available on the LeCroy website at no charge to customers with current Software Maintenance/Investment Protection agreements. To download - go to:

For more information on the SASTracer/Trainer product or any LeCroy analyzer, please contact your regional Sales Engineer 1 800 909-7211 or 408 653-1262 or