WaveRunner HRO - High Resolution Oscilloscope

With 16 times more resolution, unmatched accuracy and impressive signal fidelity, Teledyne LeCroy High Resolution Oscilloscopes are a new breed of instrument delivering up to 600 MHz bandwidth, 2 GS/s sample rate and true 12 bit vertical resolution.


16x More Vertical Resolution

The true 12 bit ADC digitizes signals using 4096 levels, 16 times more levels than an 8 bit ADC with only 256.

Unmatched Accuracy

Higher resolution means the most accurate waveforms, most precise measurements and most reliable results.

Impressive Signal Fidelity

The pristine signal path produces high signal-to-noise performance and impressive waveform clarity.


Experience the true 12-bit Advantage.


HRO 12-bit Oscilloscopes

The Teledyne LeCroy HRO Oscilloscopes offer high resolution and a powerful feature set that includes a wide range of application packages, advanced triggering to isolate events, a wide range of probing options, and lightning-fast performance.