What is the Lighthouse Partners Program?

Emerging standards and technologies present unique challenges as test capabilities are being developed in parallel with the new technologies. Teledyne LeCroy's Lighthouse Partners Program provides a means for development engineers to work closely with Teledyne LeCroy's development team to gain access to new test solutions and provide direct feedback of needs to Teledyne LeCroy.

What are the benefits of becoming a Lighthouse Partner?

Lighthouse Partners get access to the earliest versions of software and hardware test solutions to assist in the development in new and emerging standards and technologies. These earliest versions have been validated to the best of Teledyne LeCroy's ability and need exposure to a wide variety of test signals. In working with these solutions you will be directly connected to Teledyne LeCroy's development team and your feedback will be integrated into the final released solution. Lighthouse Partners will also gain the benefit of Teledyne LeCroy's involvement with emerging standards and technologies.

How do I become a Lighthouse Partner?

Interested Lighthouse Partners candidates can apply below to request to become a Lighthouse Partner. Please note that there are limited slots available for each technology. Upon completion of the form someone from Teledyne LeCroy will be in contact with you to let you know if your meet the needs.

Please select technology of interest: