Number of Inputs4 or 8 depending on the mode each with 64 leading edges recorded. In mode 2, 4 inputs with 64 leading and trailing edges recorded. 2 with 128 leading and trailing edge capacity (128 pulses, measuring both leading and trailing edge).
Inputs110 ohm, differential ECL levels; 34-pin header.2 front panel Lemo connectors, 50 ohm for fast NIM signals, ORed with 2 front panel 2-pin headers for differential ECL, 100 ohm; 2 NIM (50 ohm Lemo) to differential ECL converters are provided for convenient operation with the 2277,
3377, 1876 or 1877 TDCs.
OutputsDifferential ECL, designed to match the 2277, 3377, 1876 or 1877.Same as the 2277/EXP.
Mode SelectJumper across the 17th pair of the input connector selects mode 1 (8 input). Without the jumper, the unit is in mode 2 (4 inputs).N/A
Double Pulse Resolution5 nsec2 nsec
Propagation Delay8 nsec4 nsec
Channel-to-Channel VariationLess than 2 nsecLess than 1 nsec
CAMACCAMAC is used as a power source only.CAMAC is used as a power source only.
Power1.7 A at -6 V2.4 A at -6 V, 0.1 A at +6 V