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LeCroy Announces Discontinuation of Physics Instrumentation Products

Chestnut Ridge, NY, For Immediate Release

LeCroy Corporation January, 2001. After more than 37 years of manufacturing modular instrumentation for physics, LeCroy announced today that it will be ending production of its CAMAC, VME, NIM and FASTBUS series of modular products in order to focus operations on digital oscilloscopes and soon-to-be-released series of PXI modular digitizers. LeCroy will continue to take orders for the modular products until the end of June 2001.

The products being discontinued are used predominantly in high-energy physics experiments at laboratories around the world, including Fermilab, Brookhaven, TJNAF, CERN and KEK. LeCroy has leveraged their experience designing analog-to-digital converters, time-to-digital converters, fast memories and trigger electronics in the development of its line of digital sampling oscilloscope (DSO) products. LeCroy entered the DSO marketplace in 1986 with its 9400 digital oscilloscopes, and is currently a leading manufacturer of DSOs.

LeCroy will continue to service our equipment at our service facilities in New York and Geneva, Switzerland and via third-party relationships.

LeCroy, a U.S. Corporation established in 1964, designs and manufactures digital storage oscilloscopes, signal sources, waveform digitizers, and high-energy physics instrumentation. Manufacturing facilities are located at Corporate Headquarters in Chestnut Ridge NY. Direct sales and service offices are located throughout the United States, in all major European countries, in Japan, and throughout Asia.

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