Mixed Signal Test Solutions


High speed PCIe Gen1 x4 digitizer output for Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscope.  Half-height card with custom connector

    High Speed Output Accessories

WaveMaster / SDA / DDA 8 Zi-B Oscilloscopes
LSIB-1 - High speed PCIe Gen1 x4 digitizer output for LeCroy oscilloscope. Half-height card
LSIB-HOSTBOARD - PCI Express x4 Host Interface Board for desktop PC
LSIB-HOSTCARD - PCI Express x1 Express Card Host Interface for laptop Express Card slot
LSIB-CABLE-3M - PCI Express x 4 3-meter cable with x4 cable connectors included
LSIB-CABLE-7M - PCI Express x 4 7-meter cable with x4 cable connectors include
Key Features
  • Up to 325 MB/s transfer rate
  • Standard x4 PCI Express® connection
  • Connection options for both Desktop and Laptop computers
  • 3M and 7M cable lengths to adapt to various test setups
  • Compatible with remote control command set
  • Bi-directional transfer
  • API, client library and examples included

LSIB (LeCroy Serial Interface Bus) is a new standard for high-speed data transfer from the oscilloscope with speeds up to 325 MB/s. LeCroy’s exclusive LSIB solution is based on the wired PCI Express standard that uses a x4 (4 lanes) bus for remote data transfer.

LSIB is geared towards users who need high-performance data transfer for use in offline data processing or storage. LSIB offers significant improvements in data transfer rate over GbE, USB, GPIB, and 100Base-T methods.

Remote Control Mode

The remote control mode allows remote commands to be sent to the oscilloscope and data to be sent to the host PC. This is similar to modes used today, such as GPIB or LAN.

The remote control mode will support controlling the scope with the same set of commands that can be used for other remote control modes, such as GPIB, VICP and VXI.

Developers can choose to use our LSIB client library or to use NI-VISA in conjunction with the LSIB Passport.

Export Mode

Export mode allows data to be read out of the oscilloscope synchronously with the trigger at rates up to 325 MB/s using the LSIB-HOSTBOARD or 170 MB/s1 using the LSIB-HOSTCARD. Remote control may be performed in parallel over any port.

The remote control mode can also be used simultaneously with Export mode on a separate software “port” number.