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Serial Data Trigger and Decode

The Serial Data Trigger and Decode options greatly increase your ability to debug and analyze serial bus communications. Advanced software algorithms deconstruct the waveform into protocol information, then overlay the decoded data on the waveform, so understanding messages is easy.

Explore Serial Data Trigger and Decode Explore Serial Data Trigger and Decode

A variety of Serial Data standards are used to communicate from microprocessors to peripherals or between embedded controllers. These include:

  • PCIe - Peripheral Component Interconnect Express
  • I2C - Inter-Integrated Circuit
  • SPI - Serial Peripheral Interface
  • UART - Universal Asynchronous Receive Transmit
  • RS-232
  • CAN - Controller Area Network
  • LIN - Local Interconnect Network
  • FlexRay
  • I2S - Integrated Interchip Sound (and variants, our AudioBus option) are used to communicate from microprocessors to peripherals or between embedded controllers.

Serial Trigger and Decode (TD) options contain advanced serial data triggering. This serial data triggering is implemented directly within the hardware of the oscilloscope acquisition system, and contains advanced algorithms to protocol decode, recognize, and trigger on user-defined serial data patterns. This allows a recognized serial data pattern to be used to trigger the oscilloscope at a pre-determined time, and other signals coincident with the desired serial data pattern can be captured simultaneously.

Both the Serial Decode (D) and TD options contain powerful protocol decoding and annotation software algorithms. This algorithm is used in all Teledyne LeCroy serial decoders sold with oscilloscopes, and differs slightly for serial data signals that have a clock embedded in data or a clock separate from data.

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