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PAM4 signaling represents a new step in the evolution of serial data signal formats, overcoming some fundamental limitations of traditional NRZ signaling. But with new signal types come new measurement needs. Teledyne LeCroy’s PAM4 analysis package meets these needs by leveraging industry-leading eye, jitter and noise analysis capabilities to perform eye, jitter and noise analysis of PAM4 signals.

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Teledyne LeCroy’s PAM4 Signal Analysis gives high-speed design engineers the same toolkit they are familiar with for NRZ signalling, but utilizes sophisticated new measurement algorithms specific to the complexities of PAM4.

The PAM4 Signal Analysis package performs a complete analysis of PAM4 waveforms: analyzing the PAM4 signal, creating eye diagrams, measuring the eye closure in voltage and time, and predicting the closure as a function of BER. It is fully integrated into Teledyne LeCroy’s sophisticated MAUI user interface, allowing for advanced capabilities like channel emulation and de-embedding.

Key Features
  • PAM4 Eye Diagramming
  • Eye Height and Eye Width @BER
  • Tj, Rj, Dj Jitter Decomposition
  • Tn, Rn, Dn Noise Decomposition
  • IsoBER Contour Plot
  • Jitter and Noise Tracks, Histograms, and Spectra
  • Level Measurements
  • LaneScape™ Mode Comparisons
  • Equalization of PAM4 Signals using EyeDoctorII
  • Simulation of PAM4 Waveforms with Jitter Sim

Comprehensive PAM4 visualization and measurement

PAM4 Signal Analysis leverages Teledyne LeCroy’s revolutionary multi-lane serial data analysis architecture to enable separate views of the upper, middle and lower PAM4 eyes, as well as the full eye diagram. Sophisticated new algorithms enable full breakdown of jitter and noise, bathtub curves, and IsoBER visualizations of eye opening to selectable bit error ratio levels.

Complete de-embedding and emulation

The PAM4 Signal Analysis package includes the views of noise and jitter utilized in Teledyne LeCroy’s SDAIII-CompleteLinQ software. Enhance understanding of jitter and noise by displaying histograms, spectra, bathtub and IsoBER curves for each eye opening. PAM4 analysis is fully integrated with with EyeDoctorII, allowing users to de-embed channel and fixture effects, emulate a channel, or apply equalization to open up closed eyes.

Intuitive user interface

PAM4 Signal Analysis gets its user interface design from Teledyne LeCroy’s SDAIII-CompleteLinQ, the most intuitive and fully integrated serial data analysis package available. To help with the additional complexities of PAM4 analysis, a simple “Quick Start” dialog gets you up and running in seconds.

Simple simulation

PAM4 Signal Analysis also adds PAM4 signal generation capability to Jitter Sim, Teledyne LeCroy’s built-in serial signal generation tool. This integrated functionality allows easy switching between a real signal under test and a “golden” reference signal, to help understand and diagnose unexpected issues with your test setup.

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