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QPHY-USB3.2-Tx-Rx offers an automated test package for USB 3.2 transmitter and receiver compliance testing, characterization, and debug.

Explore QPHY-USB3.2-Tx-Rx Explore QPHY-USB3.2-Tx-Rx
Key Features
  • QPHY-USB3.2-Tx-Rx offers fully automated transmitter and receiver testing
  • Support for both Gen1 (5 Gb/s) and Gen2 (10 Gb/s) DUTs
  • Stimulate DUT to change compliance patterns using the PeRT3
  • Automated receiver calibration process reduces complexity and saves time during testing
  • SigTest software is fully integrated into the oscilloscope software
  • QPHY-USB3.2-Tx-Rx provides full reporting capability including Pass/Fail indications and screenshots from pertinent tests
  • Eye Doctor II Advanced Signal Integrity Tools enable channel emulation and CTLE/DFE equalization
  • SDAIII-CompleteLinQ enables simultaneous analysis of multiple points in the USB 3.2 channel
Automated Tx and Rx Testing

QPHY-USB3.2-Tx-Rx offers a fully automated test package for USB 3.1 transmitter and receiver compliance testing, characterization, and debug. It provides connection diagrams to ensure the proper setup for the required measurements, automates the oscilloscope for performing these measurements, and provides a comprehensive report of results including pass/fail results and screenshots.

Stimulate DUT to Change CPs Using the PeRT3

QPHY-USB3.2-Tx-Rx can control the PeRT3 communication with the DUT on the protocol layer by sending a specific number of Ping.LFPS in order to stimulate it to output the required CPs for each test. This enables fully automated transmitter compliance testing.

Automated Rx Calibration

Receiver test specifications require calibration of the jitter output sources for the test instrument. When using the PeRT3 in conjunction with a Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscope, this calibration is done automatically by the QPHY-USB3.2-Tx-Rx application.

Complete SigTest Integration

SigTest is the official software written by the USB-IF for compliance testing. By integrating SigTest into QPHY-USB3.2-Tx-Rx pre-compliance testing can be confidently performed prior to attending a USB-IF workshop. QPHY will automatically pass waveforms to SigTest and incorporate the results in the complete QualiPHY report.

Advanced Debug Tools

The Eye Doctor II analysis software enables channel emulation and receiver equalization. For testing USB 3.2 at the far end of the channel, a design engineer has the option of using a physical channel or they can use channel emulation to see what their serial data signal would look like if it had been transmitted through the channel. It is possible to experiment with the multiple CTLE and DFE combinations from the USB 3.2 standard or to define a custom CTLE for debugging purposes.

Multi-Point Simultaneous Analysis

SDAIII-CompleteLinQ is capable of simultaneously analyzing multiple lanes. Four “lanes” of analysis are available, allowing users to analyze data streams from different locations in their USB channel(s). For example, Lane 1 can show the Tx output, Lane 2 can show the signal at the far end of an emulated channel, Lane 3 can show the equalized far end signal, and Lane 4 the far end signal with a different CTLE/DFE equalization scheme.


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