T3DSO1204 Oscilloscope


200 MHz, 500 MS/s per Ch, 1 GS/s interleaved, 4 CH, 14 Mpts/Ch DSO with 7"" Color Display

T3DSO1102   (100 MHz, 2 Input Channels, 1 GS/s interleaved, 7 Mpts/Ch)
T3DSO1202A   (200 MHz, 2 Input Channels, 2 GS/s interleaved, 14 Mpts/Ch)
T3DSO1104   (100 MHz, 4 Input Channels, 1 GS/s interleaved, 7 Mpts/Ch)
T3DSO1302A   (350 MHz, 2 Input Channels, 2 GS/s interleaved, 14 Mpts/Ch)
T3DSO1204   (200 MHz, 4 Input Channels, 1 GS/s interleaved, 7 Mpts/Ch)
Check up to three models.
Key Features
  • 100 MHz, 200 MHz and 350 MHz bandwidths
  • Sample rates up to 2 GS/s depending on the model
  • Long Memory – up to 14 Mpts/Ch (28 Mpts interleaved) depending on the model
  • 7” Bright TFT LCD (800 x 480)
  • Serial Bus Trigger and Decode as standard – I2C, SPI, UART, RS232, CAN, LIN allowing users to debug serial buses directly in the Oscilloscope
  • Optional MSO – 16 Digital Channels (excluding the T3DSO1102) which adds mixed signal debugging to the Oscilloscope
  • Advanced Trigger – Edge, Slope, Pulse Width, Window, Runt, Interval, Time Out (Dropout), Pattern
  • Waveform Sequence Recorder – record and playback up to 80,000 waveforms. Allows users to replay the changes which have occurred in their waveform history.
  • Connectivity – USB for mass storage, printing and PC control, plus LAN for fast data transfer


Record Length Up to 28 Mpts depending on the model

Using hardware-based Zoom technology the maximum record length of up to 28 Mpts, users are able to over-sample to capture longer time periods at higher resolution and use the zoom feature to see more details within each signal.

Excellent Sampling Rate

Two channel series have one 1 GSa/s or 2 GSa/s ADC, depending on the model. When all channels are enabled, each channel has a maximum sample rate of 500 Msa/s or 1 GSa/s depending on the model. When a single channel per ADC is active, it has sample rate of 1 GSa/s or 2 GSa/s depending on the model. Four channel series have two 1 GSa/s ADCs. When all channels are enabled, each channel has a maximum sample rate of 500 MSa/s. When a single channel per ADC is active, it has sample rate of 1 GSa/s.

Advanced Waveform Capture Rates

With a waveform capture rate of up to 400,000 wfm/s (sequence mode), the oscilloscope can easily capture the unusual or low-probability events.

New generation of high speed display technology
  • Waveform capture rate up to 100,000 wfm/s (normal mode), and 400,000 wfm/s sequence mode.
  • Supports 256-level intensity grading and color display modes Record length up to 28 Mpts
Math Functions

FFT, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, integration, differential, square root which enables speedy extraction of results from waveforms and measurements.

256-Level Intensity Grading and Color Temperature Display

New display technology provides for fast refresh rates. The resulting intensity-graded trace is brighter for events that occur with more frequency and dims when the events occur with less frequency

Automatic Measurements

Up to 38 parameters which include Measurement Statistics, Zoom, Gating, Math, History and Reference functions.

History Waveforms (History) Mode and Segmented Acquisition (Sequence)

Playback the latest triggered events using the history function. Segmented memory collection will store trigger events into multiple (Up to 80,000) memory segments. Each segment will store triggered waveforms and timestamp each frame.

Gate and Zoom Measurement

Through Gate and Zoom measurement, the user can specify an arbitrary interval of waveform data analysis and statistics. This helps avoid measurement errors that can be caused by invalid or extraneous data, greatly enhancing the measurements’ validity and flexibility.

Multiple Interface Types

USB Host, USB Device (USB-TMC), LAN, Trigger Out thus allowing users to save data for external analysis and screen images for reports.



Mixed Signal Option

MSO Logic Analyzer Software Option For T3DSO1000 (Requires T3DSO1000-LS)

Other Software Options

25MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator SW Option For T3DSO1000 (Requires T3DSO1000-FGMOD-A)
WIFI Interface Software Option for T3DSO1000 (Not Compatible with T3DSO1102)

Miscellaneous Accessories

MSO Logic Probe Lead Set, 16 Ch, 500 MSa/s, 14 Mpts for T3DSO1000 (Requires MSO Option)
25MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator Module for T3DSO1000 (Requires FG Option)

Passive Probes

T3DSO Passive Probe, 300 MHz, 1X/10X, 1 Mohm/10 Mohm,300 V/600 V
T3DSO Passive Probe, 350 MHz, 1X/10X, 1 MOhm/10 MOhm, 300V/600V