WaveSurfer 3034 Oscilloscope

WaveSurfer 3034

350 MHz, 4 GS/s, 4 Ch, 10 Mpts/ch DSO with 10.1" Wide screen Color Touch Screen Display

WaveSurfer 3024  (200 MHz Bandwidth, 4 Input Channels, 10 Mpts/ch, 4 GS/s)
Limited Availability
Quick Specs
Bandwidth200 MHz
Sample Rate2 GS/s on 4Ch
Maximum Acquisition Memory10 Mpts
Input Channels4
Vertical Resolution8-bits
WaveSurfer 3034  (350 MHz Bandwidth, 4 Input Channels, 10 Mpts/ch, 4 GS/s)
Limited Availability
Quick Specs
Bandwidth350 MHz
Sample Rate2 GS/s on 4Ch
Maximum Acquisition Memory10 Mpts
Input Channels4
Vertical Resolution8-bits
WaveSurfer 3054  (500 MHz Bandwidth, 4 Input Channels, 10 Mpts/ch, 4 GS/s)
Limited Availability
Quick Specs
Bandwidth500 MHz
Sample Rate2 GS/s on 4Ch
Maximum Acquisition Memory10 Mpts
Input Channels4
Vertical Resolution8-bits
Check up to three models.
Key Features
  • 200 MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz, 750 MHz bandwidths
  • Long Memory – up to 10 Mpts/Ch
  • 10.1” touch screen display
  • WaveScan – Advanced Search and Find
  • LabNotebook Documentation Tool
  • History Mode – Waveform Playback
  • Serial Data Trigger and Decode
  • 16 Digital Channels with 500 MS/s Sample Rate
  • WaveSource Function Generator
  • Digital Voltmeter
  • Mixed Signal Debug Capabilities
    • Analog and Digital Cross Pattern Triggering
    • Digital Pattern Search and Find
    • Analog and Digital Timing Measurements
    • Activity Indicators
MAUI - A New Wave of Thinking

MAUI is the most advanced oscilloscope user interface. MAUI is designed for touch; all important oscilloscope controls are accessed through the intuitive touch screen. MAUI is made for simplicity; time saving shortcuts and intuitive dialogs simplify setup. MAUI is built to solve; deep set of debug and analysis tools help identify problems and find solutions quickly.

Advanced Anomaly Detection

Combining a fast waveform update rate of 130,000 waveforms/second with History mode waveform playback and WaveScan search and find, the WaveSurfer 3000 is an outstanding tool for waveform anomaly detection.

Capture, Debug, Analyze, Document

The advanced active probe interface gives tremendous flexibility for capturing all types of signals. Debug, analyze and document problems through the use of powerful math and measurement capabilities, sequence mode segmented memory, and LabNotebook.

Multi-Instrument Capabilities

Beyond traditional oscilloscope functionality the WaveSurfer 3000 has a variety of multi-instrument capabilities including waveform generation with a built in function generator, protocol analysis with serial data trigger and decode, logic analysis with an available 16 channel mixed signal option and digital voltmeter measurements.

Investment Protection for Evolving Needs

As your needs evolve your instruments must adapt. The WaveSurfer 3000 provides maximum investment protection with available bandwidth upgrades and field upgradeable capabilities such as MSO, Function Generator and Serial Trigger and Decode.

Fast, Lively Waveform Display

The fast 130,000 waveforms/sec update rate of the WaveSurfer 3000 simplifies anomaly detection and identification. Rapidly changing waveforms are easy to see and visually inspect.

History Mode Waveform Playback

Scroll back in time using History Mode to view previous waveforms and isolate anomalies. Use cursors and measurement parameters to quickly find the source of problems. History mode is always available with a single button press, no need to enable this mode and never miss a waveform.

WaveScan Advanced Search

WaveScan packs powerful complex measurement and search capabilities to analyze and identify waveform anomalies. "Scan" for events that can't be triggered in hardware over periods of hours or even days. Set complex conditions, view search results on the waveform and in a table, and quickly zoom to an event.

LabNotebook Documentation Tool

LabNotebook is a one-button tool to save and restore waveforms, measurements and settings without navigating multiple menus. Saved waveforms can be measured and analyze later both on the oscilloscope or offline using the WaveStudio PC Utility.

Advanced Waveform Capture with Sequence Mode

Use Sequence mode to save waveforms into segmented memory. This is ideal for capturing fast pulses in quick succession or when capturing events separated by long time intervals. Combine Sequence mode with advanced triggers to isolate rare events over time. Trigger times and time between segments are provided for additional insight.

Advanced Active Probe Interface

The advanced active probe interface gives tremendous flexibility for measuring high voltages, high frequencies, currents, or differential signals.

Powerful Math and Measure

With a rich set of math functions and measurement parameters, the WaveSurfer 3000 can measure and analyze every aspect of analog and digital waveforms. Additionally, the WaveSurfer 3000 provides statistics, histicons and trends to show how waveforms change over time.

Protocol Analysis with Serial Trigger and Decode

Decode various serial protocols directly on the waveform with an intuitive, color-coded overlay presenting information in binary, hex, or ASCII. Decode long waveforms and zoom in to see precise byte-by-byte decoding. Use the serial trigger to isolate specific addressed and data. Decoded information can be conveniently displayed in an interactive table.

Built-in Waveform Generation

The built-in WaveSource function generator provides up to 25 MHz and 125 MS/s waveform creation capabilities and includes the ability to upload CSV files saved from an oscilloscope to generate arbitrary waveforms. All the WaveSource controls are integrated directly into the oscilloscope with a dedicated function generator style user interface.

Logic Analysis with 16 channel MSO

With embedded systems growing increasingly more complex, powerful mixed signal debug capabilities are an essential part of modern oscilloscopes. The 16 integrated logic channels can be used to capture, view and measure digital signals and decode serial busses alongside analog channels for mixed signal debug.

Digital Voltmeter

The Digital Voltmeter option activates an integrated 4-digit digital voltmeter and 5-digit frequency counter that operates through the same probes already attached to the oscilloscope channels. Real-time measurements can be viewed on the screen at all times or view more details through a dedicated user interface display. Measurements continue to be updated even when the triggering system is stopped. The DVM license key can be downloaded at no charge from

Vertical - Analog Channels

Analog Bandwidth (Max) 350 MHz
Analog Bandwidth @ 50 Ω (-3 dB) (ProBus Input) 350 MHz
(≥2.35 mV/div)
Analog Bandwidth @ 1 MΩ (-3 dB) (ProBus Input) 350 MHz (typical)
Rise Time (10-90%, 50 Ω) 1 ns (Typical)
Input Channels 4
Vertical Resolution 8 bits; up to 11 bits with enhanced resolution (ERES)
Sensitivity 1 MΩ: 1 mV/div - 10 V/div, fully variable;
50 Ω: 1 mV/div - 1 V/div, fully variable
DC Vertical Gain Accuracy (Gain Component of DC Accuracy) ±(1.5%) Full Scale, offset at 0 V > 5mV; ±(2.5%) < 5mV
Channel-Channel Isolation 40 dB from DC - 100 MHz
33 dB > 100 MHz
(For any two ProBus input channels, same v/div settings, typical)
Offset Range 50Ω
±2V: 1mV/div-19.8mV/div
±5V: 20mV/div-100mV/div
±20V: 102mV/div-198mV/div
±50V: 200mV/div-1V/div

±2V: 1mV/div-19.8mV/div
±5V: 20mV/div-100mV/div
±20V: 102mV/div-198mV/div
±50V: 200mV/div-1V/div
±200V: 1.02V/div-1.98V/div
±400V: 2V/div-10V/div
Maximum Input Voltage 1 MΩ: 400 V max (DC + Peak AC ≤ 10 KHz), 50 Ω: 5 VRMS
Input Coupling AC, DC, GND
Input Impedance 1 MΩ ± 2.0% || 16 pF, 50 Ω ± 2.0%
Bandwidth Limiters 20 MHz

Horizontal - Analog Channels

Timebases Internal timebase common to 4 input channels
Acquisition Modes Real-time, Roll, Random Interleaved Sampling (RIS), Sequence
Time/Division Range 500 ps/div - 50 s/div
RIS available at ≤ 10 ns/div;
Roll Mode available at ≥ 100 ms/div and ≤ 5 MS/s
Clock Accuracy 10 ppm > 1 ms interval
Delta Time Measurement Accuracy \sqrt{2}*\sqrt{(\frac{Noise}{SlewRate})^2+(Sample Clock Jitter)^2) (RMS)+(clock accuracy*reading)(seconds)
Jitter Measurement Floor \sqrt{(\frac{Noise}{SlewRate})^2+(Sample Clock Jitter)^2\; seconds\; rms\; (TIE)}
Channel-Channel Deskew Range ±9 x time/div. setting, 100 ms max., each channel

Acquisition - Analog Channels

Sample Rate (Single-shot) 4 GS/s on 2 Ch
2 GS/s on 4 Ch
Sample Rate (Repetitive) 50 GS/s for repetitive signals (500 ps/div to 10 ns/div)
Memory Length (4 Ch / 2 Ch / 1Ch)
(Number of Segments)
10M / 10M / 10M
Enhanced Resolution (ERES) 8 bits; up to 11 bits with enhanced resolution (ERES)

Vertical, Horizontal, Acquisition - Digital Channels

Maximum Input Frequency 125 MHz
Minimum Detectable Pulse Width 4 ns
Input Channels 16
Input Impedance (Flying Leads) 100 kΩ || 5 pF
Input Dynamic Range ±20V
Maximum Input Voltage ±30V Peak
Maximum Input Voltage Swing 500mVpp
Threshold Groupings Pod 2: D15 - D8, Pod 1: D7 - D0
Threshold Selections TTL (+1.4V), 5V CMOS (+2.5V), ECL (-1.3V), or User Defined
Threshold Accuracy ±(3% of threshold setting + 100mV)
User Defined Threshold Range ±10V in 20 mV steps
Sample Rate 500 MS/s
Record Length 10 MS - 16 Channels
Channel-to-Channel Skew ±(1 digital sample)

Triggering System

Modes Normal, Auto, Single, Stop
Sources Ch 1 - Ch 4, EXT, EXT/5, AC Line
Coupling AC, DC, LF Rej, HF Rej,
Pre-trigger Delay 0 - 100% Full Scale
Post-trigger Delay 0 - 10,000 Divisions
Hold-off 10 ns up to 20s
Internal Trigger Level Range ±4.1 Divisions
External Trigger Level Range Ext: ±0.61 V, EXT/5: ±3.05 V
Trigger Sensitivity with Edge Trigger ProBus Inputs 0.8 division: DC - 10 MHz
1.5 division: 10 MHz - 200 MHz
Trigger Sensitivity with Edge Trigger (Aux Input) Ext: 200 mV from DC to 10 MHz
300 mV from 10 MHz to 200 MHz
Ext/5: 1 V from DC to 10 MHz
1.5 V from 10 MHz to 200 MHz

Trigger Types

Edge Triggers when signal meets slope (positive, negative, or either) and level condition.
Width Triggers on positive or negative glitches with selectable widths.
Minimum width 500 ps, maximum width: 20 s
Window Triggers when signal exits a window defined by adjustable thresholds
Pattern Logic combination (AND, NAND, OR, NOR) of 5 inputs (4 channels and external trigger input). Each source can be high, low, or don’t care. The High and Low level can be selected independently. Triggers at start or end of the pattern.
TV-Composite Video Triggers NTSC or PAL with selectable line and field; HDTV (720p, 1080i, 1080p) with selectable frame rate (50 or 60 Hz) and Line; or CUSTOM with selectable Fields (1-8), Lines (up to 2000), Frame Rates (25, 30, 50, or 60 Hz), Interlacing (1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 8:1), or Synch Pulse Slope (Positive or Negative).
Runt Trigger on positive or negative runts defined by two voltage limits and two time limits. Select between 1 ns and 20 ns.
Slew Rate Trigger on edge rates. Select limits for dV, dt, and slope. Select edge limits between 1 ns and 20 ns.
Interval Triggers on intervals selectable between 1 ns and 20 s.
Dropout Triggers if signal drops out for longer than selected time between 1 ns and 20 s.
Multi-Stage: Qualified (Timeout or State/Edge Qualified) Triggers on any input source only if a defined state or edge occurred on another input source. Delay between sources is selectable by time or events.

Low Speed Serial Protocol Trigger (Optional)

Supported Protocols I2C, SPI (SPI, SSPI, SIOP), UART-RS232, CAN1.1, CAN2.0, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay

Measurement Tools

Measurement Functionality Display up to 6 measurement parameters together with statistics, including mean, minimum, maximum, standard deviation, and total number. Each occurrence of each parameter is measured and added to the statistics table. Histicons provide a fast, dynamic view of parameters and waveshape characteristics. Parameter gates define the location for measurement on the source waveform.
Measurement Parameters - Horizontal + Jitter Delay (from trigger, 50%), Duty Cycle, Edges , Fall Time (90-10, 80-20), Frequency, Period, Δ Period, Phase, Rise Time (10-90, 20-80), Skew, Width+, Width-
Measurement Parameters - Vertical Amplitude, Base, Maximum, Mean, Minimum, Peak-to-Peak, RMS, Std. Deviation, Top.
Measurement Parameters - Pulse Area, Base, Fall Time (90-10, 80-20), Overshoot (positive, negative), Rise Time (10-90, 80-20), Top, Width+, Width-

Math Tools

Math Functionality Display up to 2 math functions traces (F1-F2). The easy-to-use graphical interface simplifies setup of up to two operations on each function trace, and function traces can be chained together to perform math-on-math.
Math Operators - Basic Math Average (summed), Average (continuous), Difference (-), Envelope, Exp (base e, base 10), Floor, Invert (negate), Log (base e, base 10), Product (x), Ratio (/), Reciprocal, Rescale (with units), Roof, Sum (+).
Math Operators - Filters Enhanced resolution (to 11 bits vertical)
Math Operators - Frequency Analysis FFT (power spectrum, magnitude), up to full record length. Select from Rectangular, VonHann, Hamming, FlatTop and Blackman Harris windows.
Math Operators - Functions Derivative, Integral, Invert (negate), Rescale (with units), Square, Square root, Zoom (identity).

Measurement and Math Integration

Measurement and Math Integration Trend (datalog) of up to 1000 measurement parameters

Pass/Fail Testing

Pass/Fail Testing Mask Test (pre-defined or user-defined mask, waveform All In, All Out, Any In, or Any Out conditions) with following THEN Save (waveforms), Stop, Alarm, (send) Pulse, Hardcopy (send email, save screen image, save to clipboard, send to printer), or (save) LabNotebook.

Display System

Size Color 10.1" widescreen flat panel TFT-LCD with high resolution touch screen
Resolution 1024 x 600
Number of traces Display a maximum of 8 traces. Simultaneously display channel, zoom, memory and math traces.
Grid Styles Auto, Single,X-Y, Single+X-Y

Persistence Display

Analog and Color-Graded Persistence Variable saturation levels; stores each trace’s persistence data in memory
Persistence Types Select analog or color
Trace Selection Activate persistence on all traces
Persistence Aging Select from 1.00 s to infinity

Zoom Expansion Traces

Zoom Expansion Traces Display up to 4 Zoom and 2 Math/Zoom traces

Internal Waveform Memory

Internal Waveform Memory 2 active waveform memory traces (M1-M2) store 16 bit/point full length waveforms. Waveforms can be stored to 2 file loacations on the scope or on the microSD, limited only by the data storage media capacity

Setup Storage

Front Panel and Instrument Status Store to the internal microSD, over the network, or to a USB-connected peripheral device.

Automatic Setup

Auto Setup Automatically sets timebase, trigger, and sensitivity to display a wide range of repetitive signals
Find Vertical Scale Automatically sets the vertical sensitivity and offset for the selected channel to display a waveform with the maximum dynamic range


Auto Calibration Ensures specified DC and timing accuracy is maintained for 1 year minimum.


Processor Memory 500 MB
Operating System Microsoft Windows CE
Oscilloscope Operating Software Teledyne LeCroy MAUI™
Real Time Clock Date and time displayed with waveform in hardcopy files. SNTP support to synchronize to precision internal clocks.


Ethernet Port Supports 10/100BaseT Ethernet interface (RJ45 port)
USB Host Ports (4) USB 2.0 Ports Total - (2) Front USB 2.0 Ports
USB Device Port 1 USBTMC port
GPIB Port (optional) Supports IEEE - 488.2 (External)
External Monitor Port Standard DB-15 connector (support resolution of 1024x600)
Remote Control Via Windows Automation, or via LeCroy Remote Command Set
Network Communication Standard VXI-11 or VICP, LXI Compatible

Auxiliary Input

Signal Types Select External Trigger on the rear panel
Coupling 50 Ω: DC; 1 MΩ: AC, DC, GND
Max. Input Voltage 50 Ω: 5 Vrms; 1 MΩ: 250 Vmax (DC + Peak AC ≤ 10 kHz)

Auxiliary Output

Signal Types Always Trig Out
Output Signal 3.3 V into 1 MΩ pulse > 1.3 ms
Control Signals Trigger out
Connector Type BNC, located on back


Probes Qty. (4) ÷10 Passive Probes
Probe System ProBus. Automatically detects and supports a variety of compatible probes
Scale Factors Automatically or manually selected depending on probe used
Calibration Output Default is 1kHz square wave, 3.3Vp-p (typical), output to probe hook. Settable from 500 Hz to 1 MHz square wave

Power Requirements

Voltage 100 - 240 VAC, 50 Hz - 60 Hz ±5%
100 - 120 VAC, 400 Hz ±5%
Max. Power Consumption 330 VA


Certifications CE Compliant, UL and cUL listed; conforms to
UL 61010-1 (3rd Edition), UL 61010-2-030 (1st Edition)
CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1-12


Temperature (Operating) 0 °C to 50 °C
Temperature (Non-Operating) '-30 °C to 70 °C
Humidity (Operating) 90% RH, 30 °C
50% RH, 50 °C
Humidity (Non-Operating) 95% RH
Altitude (Operating) 3,048 m max at <=25C
Altitude (Non-Operating) 12,192 m

Size and Weight

Dimensions (HWD) 350 mm x 1450 mm x 220 mm
(8.66" x 13.78" x 5.71")
Weight 4.81 kg. (10.6 lbs.)

Warranty and Service

Warranty and Service 3-year warranty; calibration recommended annually.
Optional service programs include extended warranty, upgrades, and calibration services.

Mixed Signal Option

Mixed Signal probe, accessories and license for WaveSurfer 3000 / 3000z

Remote Control/Network Options

External USB 2.0 to GPIB IEEE 488.2 adapter

Serial Trigger and Decode

CAN and LIN Trigger and Decode Package for WaveSurfer 3000 / 3000z
CAN and CAN FD Trigger and Decode Package for WaveSurfer 3000 / 3000z
I2C, SPI, UART and RS-232 Trigger and Decode Package for WaveSurfer 3000 / 3000z
WS3K-FlexRayBus TD
FlexRay Trigger and Decode Package for WaveSurfer 3000 / 3000z

Other Software Options

Function Generator for WaveSurfer 3000 / 3000z


Instrument Cart Limited Availability
WaveSurfer 3000 Soft Carrying Case
WaveSurfer 3000 / 3000z Rack Mount Accessory
WaveSurfer 3000 / 3000z Simplified Chinese Front Panel Overlay Limited Availability
WaveSurfer 3000 / 3000z Japanese Front Panel Overlay Limited Availability

Miscellaneous Accessories

Extra Large Gripper Probe Set . Includes 22 probes
Large Gripper Probe Set for 0.10 inch (2.54mm) pin pitch. Includes 10 probes with color coded leads
Medium Gripper Probe Set for 0.04 inch (1.0mm) pin pitch. Includes 10 probes with color coded leads
Small Gripper Probe Set for 0.008 inch (0.2 mm) pin pitch. Includes 10 probes with color coded leads

Active Voltage Probes

Set of 4 ZS1000, 1 GHz High Impedance Active Probes
1 GHz, 0.9 pF, 1 MOhm Active Voltage Probe

Differential Probes (<= 1.5 GHz)

500 MHz Differential Probe
200 MHz, 3.5 pF, 1 MOhm Active Differential Probe, ±20 V
500 MHz, 1.0 pF Active Differential Probe, ±8 V
1 GHz, 1.0 pF Active Differential Probe, ±8 V

Current Probes

Deskew Calibration Source for CP031,CP031A, CP030, CP030A and AP015 Limited Availability
150 A, 10 MHz Current Probe - AC/DC, 150 A rms, 500 A Peak Pulse, 2 meter cable
500 A, 2 MHz Current Probe - AC/DC, 500 A rms, 700 A Peak Pulse, 6 meter cable
30A, 50 MHz Current Probe - AC/DC, 30 A rms, 50 A Peak Pulse, 1.5 meter cable
30A, 100 MHz Current Probe - AC/DC, 30 A rms, 50 A Peak Pulse, 1.5 meter cable
30 A, 10 MHz Current Probe - AC/DC, 30 A rms, 50 A Peak Pulse, 3 meter cable
150 A, 5 MHz Current Probe - AC/DC, 150 A rms, 500 A Peak Pulse, 6 meter cable
Deskew Calibration Source for CP030, CP030A, CP031, CP031A, AP015, CP150, CP500

High Voltage Passive Probes

100:1 400 MHz 50 MOhms High-Voltage Probe
100:1 400 MHz 50 MOhms High-Voltage Probe
1000:1 400 MHz 50 MOhms High-Voltage Probe
400 MHz, 1kV Vrms High-Voltage Passive Probe

Passive Probes

250 MHz Passive Probe for WaveSurfer 3000, 10:1, 10 MOhm
500 MHz Passive Probe for WaveSurfer 3000, 10:1, 10 MOhm

High Voltage Differential Probes

700 V, 25 MHz High-Voltage Differential Probe (÷10, ÷100)
1kV, 20 MHz High-Voltage Differential Probe Limited Availability
1kV, 100 MHz High-Voltage Differential Probe Limited Availability
1kV, 25 MHz High Voltage Differential Probe with Auto Zero Disconnect
1kV, 25 MHz High Voltage Differential Probe without tip Accessories and with Auto Zero Disconnect
1kV, 120 MHz High Voltage Differential Probe with Auto Zero Disconnect
1kV, 120 MHz High Voltage Differential Probe without tip Accessories and with Auto Zero Disconnect
1kV, 80 MHz High Voltage Differential Probe with 6m cable and Auto Zero Disconnect
2kV, 120 MHz High Voltage Differential Probe with Auto Zero Disconnect
2kV, 80 MHz High Voltage Differential Probe with 6m cable and Auto Zero Disconnect
6kV, 100 MHz High Voltage Differential Probe with Auto Zero Disconnect

Probe Adapters

TekProbe to ProBus Probe Adapter
Set of 4 TPA10 TekProbe to ProBus Probe Adapters. Includes soft carrying case. Limited Availability