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Teledyne LeCroy Eclipse X34 M-PHY Protocol Analyzer Supports UniPort/UFS

Multiple Interface Support Adds UniPort/UFS, SSIC and MPCIe

Santa Clara, CA, September 1, 2015 – Teledyne LeCroy, the world leader in protocol test solutions, has added UniPort/UFS to its Eclipse MIPI M-PHY protocol analyzer platform's portfolio. Highly portable and configurable, the Teledyne LeCroy Eclipse X34 M-PHY protocol analyzer platform can be upgraded to fit individual requirements and budgets. The Eclipse X34 monitors, captures, decodes and analyzes protocol traffic from multiple interfaces such as SSIC, M-PCIe, and UniPort/UFS.

The flexible Eclipse X34 M-PHY protocol analyzer supports GEAR1, GEAR2, and GEAR3 at high speeds and G0-G7 at low speed and low power. Capable of capturing up to four lanes of data traffic with a single unit, it is expandable to eight lanes by linking two Eclipse X34 systems. Likewise, trace-buffer options exist for up to 3GB with a single analyzer, and up to 64 GB in its two-unit expanded mode. Additionally, probing options include SMA, multi-lead solder down, and mid-bus probing, allowing developers several options for connectivity.

The JEDEC UFS2.0 specification uses the MIPI Alliance UniPro networking protocol over the MIPI M-PHY bus. The UFS specification supports MIPI M-PHY's high-speed Gear 3 at 5.8Gbs per lane. UFS supports up to two lanes. The MIPI UniPro networking protocol provides Phy Adapter, Data Link, Networking, and Transport layer support. Developers implementing UniPort and/or UFS will benefit from Teledyne LeCroy's expertise in high-speed serial data analysis and longstanding leadership in storage-related technologies. "High-quality test solutions similar to the Eclipse X34 are critical to the success of designs implementing MIPI M-PHY connectivity and the UniPort/UFS protocols," said Mr. Yamakawa, senior hardware design engineer at Toshiba.

Comprehensive MIPI Test Toolset

The EclipseX34 UniPort/UFS Protocol Suite joins the UNIPRObus D oscilloscope decode package as the latest offerings from Teledyne LeCroy to support MIPI analysis, conformance, and debug tools. Teledyne LeCroy also offers end-to-end conformance test capabilities for additional MIPI protocols. QPHY-MIPI-MPHY and QPHY-MIPI-DPHY software options perform fully automated M-PHY and D-PHY transmitter testing and report generation using Teledyne LeCroy's user-friendly QualiPHY environment running directly on the oscilloscope. And the Teledyne LeCroy PeRT3 (Protocol-enabled Receiver and Transmitter Tolerance Tester) offers MIPI M-PHY receiver testing.


The Eclipse X34 M-PHY protocol analyzer is available and shipping today, as is the UniPort Protocol Suite. The UniPort Protocol Suite supports both UniPort and UFS with the proper software licenses. The SSIC License is also currently available and is supported by the USB Protocol Suite.

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Teledyne LeCroy is a leading manufacturer of advanced test instruments that measure, analyze, and verify complex electronic signals. The Company offers high-performance oscilloscopes and protocol test solutions used by electronic design engineers in a wide range of application and end markets. Teledyne LeCroy is based in Chestnut Ridge, N.Y. For more information, visit Teledyne LeCroy's website at teledynelecroy.com.

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