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Teledyne LeCroy’s New DH Series Differential Probes Offer Flexibility and Wide Bandwidth Range

Selection of solder-in tips eases signal access in high-speed serial data debug tasks

Chestnut Ridge, NY, October 2, 2019 – Teledyne LeCroy today announced availability of the DH Series of differential probes, which come in bandwidths from 13 GHz to 25 GHz to address high-speed serial data debug and validation. The probes offer exceptionally low loading (200 kΩ DC), low noise, and a range of available tips for application flexibility.

In densely-packed embedded systems, achieving good signal fidelity often requires access to deeply buried, closely spaced probing points. The DH Series differential probes help gain that access with a pair of available solder-in tips, which have a small form factor and 9-inch flexible leads for slipping into tight spaces. Both tips operate to the probes’ full bandwidth—all the way to 25 GHz. Furthermore, the probe’s sensitivity is easily tailored to a given application by using a specific tip. The DH-SI tip’s input range of 3.5 V suits applications such as DDR memory validation and debug (DH Series probes are a perfect match for Teledyne LeCroy’s DDR Debug Toolkit of test, debug, and analysis tools, with support for DDR/LPDDR 2, 3, and 4, and forthcoming support for DDR/LPDDR 5). For signals with smaller amplitudes and associated tight noise margins, the high-sensitivity DH-SI-HS tip offers a 2-V input range.

Two other tips are also available: The DH-HITEMP high-temperature solder-in tip comes with a 3-foot lead length and 16-GHz bandwidth and is ideal for testing within a temperature chamber. The DH-QL adapter provides connection to Teledyne LeCroy’s range of mixed-signal probe tips.

When a probe tip is connected, the oscilloscope automatically identifies the tip’s type and applies its on-board calibration data, guaranteeing a perfectly calibrated signal every time with no user intervention. Users also gain the additional benefit of mixing and matching of probes and tips without requiring calibration and thereby optimizing performance in all situations.

Price and Availability

The DH Series differential probes start at $13,495 for 13-GHz models and range up to $24,995 for the 25-GHz version; other bandwidths are 16 GHz and 20 GHz. Availability is 8-10 weeks ARO for 13- to 20-GHz models and 12 weeks ARO for the 25-GHz model.  


For further information, contact Teledyne LeCroy at 1-800-553-2769 or visit teledynelecroy.com.


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