Oscilloscope Probes


NIST Calibration for D830. Includes test data.

    Differential Probes (8-13 GHz)

Dxx30-PT-KIT - WaveLink Dxx30-PT (up to 10 GHz rating) Adjustable Positioner Tip Kit. For use with Dxx30 amplifiers Limited Availability
DXX30-SMA-SMP-LEADS - Lead set consisting of WaveLink Dxx30-SMA-SMP-LEADS for use with Dxx30 amplifiers.
Dxx30-SI - Replacement Dxx30-SI 8-13 GHz Solder-In Lead with Qty. 5 Spare Resistors.
Dxx30-QL-3SI - QuickLink Solder-In starter pack for use with Dxx30 amplifier. Includes one QuickLink Adapter and three QL-SI tips.
Dxx30-HiTemp - WaveLink Temperature Extension cables for Dxx30. Includes 1 set of matched 30 inch high temperature cables, 1 solder tip lead set.
D830-CCNIST - NIST Calibration for D830. Includes test data.
D1330-CCNIST - NIST Calibration for D1330. Includes test data.
Dxx30-QL - QuickLink Adapter for use with Dxx30 amplifiers
WL-PBUS2 - WaveLink ProBus2 Platform/Cable Assembly for 4-8 GHz WaveLink Amplifiers.
LPA-PBUS2 - ProLink to ProBus2 Adapter
Key Features
  • Choice of 8 GHz or 13 GHz bandwidth models
  • 3.5 Vpk-pk dynamic range
  • ±4 V offset range
  • Low loading and high impedance for minimal signal disturbance
  • Ideal for DDR3, DDR4, LPDDR3
  • Deluxe soft carrying case
  • Innovative QuickLink architecture
  • Wide variety of tips and leads
    • Solder-In Lead
    • Optional Positioner (Browser) Tip
    • SMA/SMP Lead
    • Square Pin Lead
    • QuickLink Solder-In Lead
    • HiTemp Solder-In Lead


WaveLink Medium Bandwidth (8-13) GHz Probes

Teledyne LeCroy’s WaveLink 8-13 GHz Differential Probes are a medium bandwidth, general purpose probing solution with high input dynamic range and offset.

Complete Probe System

A value-priced, comprehensive bundle of all items including the differential probe, solder-in tips (qty. 2), square pin tip, accessories, and a deluxe soft carrying case to hold all items.

High Dynamic Range and Offset

The combination of bandwidth, high input dynamic range and large offset range make the Dx10 & Dx20 ideal for DDR applications.

Deluxe Soft Carrying Case

The deluxe soft carrying case conveniently holds all components of the probe system.

Wide Variety of Tips

Support for solder-in, browser, square pin, QuickLink solder-in, HiTemp solder-in, and SMA/SMP cabled tip/lead connections allows for flexibility when making connections.

SMA/SMP Lead Set

The Dxx30 SMA/SMP lead set serves as an interconnection between the Dxx30 probe amplifier and SMA/SMP connectors.


WaveMaster / SDA / DDA 8 Zi-B Oscilloscopes

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