Oscilloscope Probes


Long wavelength O/E Converter (950-1630 nm)

    Optical to Electrical Converters

OE425 - Optical-to-Electrical Converter, 500-870 nm ProBus BNC Connector
OE455 - Optical-to-Electrical Converter, 950-1630 nm ProBus BNC Connector
OE555 - Optical-to-Electrical Converter, 950-1630 nm ProLink BMA Connector Limited Availability
OE6250G-M - O-E converter, 25 GHz Bessel-Thomson response, 36 GHz flat response
OE695G - Optical to Electrical Converter
These wide- band multi-mode optical-to-electrical converters are designed for measuring optical communications signals. They connect to Teledyne LeCroy real-time oscilloscopes and provide capability for physical layer signal assessment using a variety of oscilloscope tools, such as SDAIII-CompleteLinQ Serial Data Eye, Jitter, Noise and Crosstalk Analysis, mask testing, serial triggering and decoding, and other compliance and debug tools. Maximum data rate test capability is >11.317 Gb/s with reference receiver, or 12.5 Gb/s without.

Main Specifications

Bandwidth 3.5 GHz (4.5 GHz optical)

Electrical Characteristics

Risetime (typical) 108 ps