Frontline Test Services robustness testing ensures that your product is ready to deliver the best possible out-of-box experience to your customers. Thorough robustness testing can include thousands of repeated test cases to check for overall product stability, interoperability in a crowded ecosystem, niche failures, accelerated life and performance limits.

Why Perform Robustness Testing?

Your design went to plan, your communications implementation is compliant with the specification, your marketing requirements document is checked off, and you are confident that it’s time to release your product to the world. Once in the hands of the consumer, your product’s user experience will speak for itself, and your brand’s reputation hangs in the balance.

Thorough robustness testing is the best way to protect your brand, inspire customer loyalty, and make sure that the buzz around your product is nothing but positive.

Frontline Test Services offers hundreds of test blocks -- collections of actions that can be combined in multiple ways to create thousands of sequences to test:

Connection and disconnection, Bluetooth pairing and unpairing, Phone calls, Phonebook, Audio and more.

Your test results are logged in a secure database, where you will find essential data including pass/fail rates, a library of essential reports including a concise summary, and supporting data in the form of protocol trace captures and video captures.

Our robustness testing services are a key component to developing: Android and Apple phones, Car Kits, Audio equipment, Development kits, Phone apps.

Frontline Robustness Testing

Interoperability Testing with World-Class Device Library

In order to subject these devices to the thorough testing needed to ensure interoperability and consistent operation in a complex ecosystem, we introduce the very same kinds of devices into the test setup.

Frontline Test Services houses one of the largest test device libraries in the industry, consisting of thousands of phones, Wi-Fi devices, wearables, car kits, speakers, soundbars, headsets, smart watches and various other Bluetooth® low energy devices.

The latest devices are being added all the time and cover global markets (North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia). Because testing and support for new operating systems is critical to interoperability testing, new OS results for major iOS and Android versions are ready for you to publish within three business days of release.

Frontline Test Services test device library

Key Features and Benefits

Performance Measurement and Comparison Through Repeatable Tests

By automating test cycles and compiling more data, Frontline Test Servoces can provide statistical analyses that are reliable and actionable

Find and Investigate Faults Even if They are Intermittent

Thorough, multi-cycle robustness testing uncovers intermittent issues that seem inconsequential, but that become significant when transferred to a mass production environment

Determine Failure Rates Even if They are Low

Low failure rates can be difficult to identify when testing is performed in undemanding or limited test scenarios, but when identified by automated testing can be instrumental in producing consistent performance

Allow Variation of Parameters Through Multiple Values

Variation in the numbers and types of actions between events, as well as timing between actions, allows for broad testing diversity

Test the Interaction and Behavior of Phone Apps

Phone apps are at the heart of the way people interact with their personal communications devices, so knowing how reliably these programs function across multiple devices is key to a successful product