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DCOM Setup for Windows 7 Scopes

Steps to configure Windows 7 scope for DCOM connection

DCOM Setup for Windows 7 PC

Here are the procedures to connect a client PC to a Scope via DCOM

XStream Remote Control : Configuring DCOM Connectivity

The application running the graphical user interface of LeCroy Windows-based oscilloscopes is a COM Automation Server, and can be controlled from a networked PC using DCOM.

PCIe LTSSM Link Partner TxEQ Response Characterization and Debug during Link Equalization Training

Measurement tools that provide visibility into the interplay between a PCI Express Physical Layer’s Logical sub-block and Electrical sub-block are important for characterization and debug purposes. Both Upstream and Downstream ports must work in tandem to effectively negotiate optimal receiver and transmitter equalizer filter settings, in order to minimize the probability of bit errors on either side of the link. Teledyne LeCroy’s extensive set of PCIe test and measurement tools provide the ability to simultaneously view and analyze the protocol and electrical response of the PCIe bus, enabling quick and valuable insight into complex PCIe system behavior.

WaveScan in WaveSurfer 3000z Oscilloscopes

The WaveScan tool built into the WaveSurfer 3000z oscilloscopes enables the instruments use more than 20 different search criteria to find anomalies in a captured waveform, or to scan live acquisitions for anywhere from a second to a day.