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Time-Domain Techniques for De-embedding and Impedance Peeling

This brief explains time-domain techniques for de-embedding that are available within the WavePulser 40iX called time gating and impedance peeling. In addition, methods of using these time-domain techniques with coupled lines are explored.

WavePulser 40iX Dynamic Range

This paper describes how dynamic range in TDR instruments is calculated.
It explains the dynamic range of the Teledyne LeCroy WavePulser 40iX High Speed Interconnect Analyzer and compares it to our previous product, the SPARQ.

WavePulser 40iX Risetime and Spatial Resolution

The complex relationship between risetime, bandwidth, and temporal and spatial resolution is explored for various types of systems. The WavePulser 40iX, an instrument that computes calibrated impedance profiles from DC to 40 GHz, is shown to resolve impedances in traces with electrical lengths of 5.575ps, or approximately 1mm in length.

De-embedding with the WavePulser 40iX

The WavePulser 40iX offers many de-embedding methods. This technical brief explores these methods and helps the reader understand what he or she needs to provide to the instrument to obtain the best results.

Pulse Repetition Rate and Frequency Resolution

This paper covers important topics in s-parameter measurements made for signal integrity applications, where the time-domain implications are important. Recommendations are provided for deciding on two important settings for the WavePulser 40iX: TDR acquisition length - which is related to the pulser repetition rate. Number of frequency points - which is related to the end frequency and the required frequency resolution. Summary slides attached.

WavePulser 40 iX Second Tier Calibration

This paper discusses the three methods of calibration utilized in the WavePulser 40iX including the automatic internal calibration, manual calibration and second-tier calibration. Instructions are provided to perform manual and second-tier calibration, and how to factory calibrate the instrument. Summary slides attached.