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DesignCon 2012 De-embedding in High Speed Design

A common problem encountered while measuring S-parameters of a device under test (DUT) is that it is relatively easy to calibrate a network analyzer to the end of coaxial test cables, but difficult to connect coaxial test ports directly to board-level DUTs.

DesignCon 2013 - A Fast and Inexpensive Method for PCB Trace Characterization in Production Environments

A fast and cost-effective method for performing loss measurements on differential traces in a printed circuit board manufacturing environment utilizing two-port structures and measurement instruments is provided. The method is an alternative to the SET2DIL method presented by Intel two years ago at DesignCon.

Wavelet Denoising For TDR Dynamic Range Improvement

A technique is presented for removing large amounts of noise present in time-domain-reflectometry (TDR) waveforms to increase the dynamic range of TDR waveforms and TDR based S-parameter measurements.

DesignCon 2012 - Robust Method for Addressing 12 Gbps Interoperability for High-Loss and Crosstalk-Aggressed Channels

This paper addresses a new methodology for 12 Gbps interoperability that combines a concerted family of pathological channels, internal eye monitoring, and external EQ simulation tools, providing insight into an EQ optimization strategy that addresses the specific channel’s mix of crosstalk noise, jitter, and channel loss. This also provides a backplane designer the ability to configure a high-loss, crosstalk aggressed system.

DesignCon 2012 - The Relationship Between Discrete-Frequency S-parameters and Continuous-Frequency Responses

We explore in detail the relationship between discrete-frequency responses connected with sparameters and the implied continuous time response. This is done in both the frequency- and time-domain to develop the proper insight and explore issues with real time-domain responses, time-aliasing, causality, interpolation and re-sampling of discrete-frequency data. Using the insight gained, we identify the conditions for sufficiency of sampling and the side-effects of the invariable practical conditions when these side-effects cannot be completely dispelled. This paper is especially useful for understanding issues involved in direct application of sparameters in linear simulations, like those used in virtual probing applications in scopes.