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Seminar "DDR Analysis & Testing"

In cooperation with EyeKnowHow

Herman Ruckerbauer


What you always wanted to know about memory!
... But never had the right expert to ask!
You are developing hardware e. g. for an "Embedded Computer System"?

It's a don't care for which processor platform: DRAM Memory is part of nearly all Designs. But the functionality behind the memory is often unknown. The layout is done following the design guide. But without some background knowledge it is difficult to judge what impact required deviations from the design guide will have! The BIOS to access the memory is taken from the CPU vendor, without the possibility to look inside or even make adjustments. This makes troubleshooting quite difficult.

The memory interface is getting more and more a "Black Box"!
With every new memory generation the margins are getting smaller and the requirements for the design are increasing. Get the KnowHow that helps you to design successful products in the future.


  • DRAM inside: What's inside the components?
  • Basic commands: How to access the DRAM?
  • ECC: How does it work and how to test it?
  • Specification
    • AC/DC: "Highway to Hell" ? Alternating Current / Direct Current?
    • Derating ... ?
  • Application test for Memory
  • SPD Content
  • Routing and Layout: Real world implementation
  • DDR2 vs. DDR3 vs. DDR4: The most important differences!
  • Signal Integrity: How to simulate signals?
  • Power Integrity: Can the components be supplied with current?
  • S-Parameter: How to read data in the frequency domain?
  • Compliance Test
  • Training Sequences

The seminar is held in English language and will take place on 2 days:
    Day 1: 9:30h - 17:00h
    Day 2: 8:00h - 15:30h

The maximum number of attendees is limited to 20 people.

The seminar fee is € 1'400.- (excl. VAT) per attendee.

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