Austin Labs Testing and Solutions

Austin Labs is a leading provider of testing and training services. We focus on server, storage, and networking interfaces and protocols. Our engineers and trainers are experts in SAS, SCSI, RAID, iSCSI, SATA, SAS, FC, FCoE, PCIe, and NVMe.

Our engineers helped develop some of the industry’s key technologies and continue to have a vigorous passion for improving products and sharing their knowledge. This experience and enthusiasm translates into the highest quality testing and training services possible.

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Teledyne LeCroy Signal Integrity Academy

A complete online curriculum of video lectures with Dr. Eric Bogatin.

Dr. Eric Bogatin, author of the book, Signal and Power Integrity Simplified, and hundreds of other papers and articles, distinguished lecturer with the IEEE EMC Society and invited lecturer worldwide, offers an entire curriculum of recorded video lessons on identifying and fixing signal integrity problems in your next design.

The SI Academy includes topics such as: transmission lines, return current, ground bounce, inductance, impedance profiles, differential impedance, via design, TDR, S-parameters, insertion and return loss, mode conversion, PDN, EMC design and much more.

If you missed one of Eric’s popular public classes, now is your chance to view them all.

Access all the training classes with an individual or corporate level annual subscription. A corporate subscription authorizes every engineer in a company to view all the classes.

View the many free videos and download the slides from many of Eric’s popular presentations and tutorials.

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MindShare is a world renowned training and publishing company that enables high-tech companies to adopt, implement, and roll-out technologies with greater speed and confidence. Since 1988, MindShare, Inc. has provided innovative courses on a wide variety of subjects to numerous companies around the world. MindShare was founded "out of sheer frustration with boring, dry technical classes that had limited value to anybody". MindShare became the standard that delivers engaging classroom training delivered by instructors whose energy, experience and enthusiasm leaves the student with a broader and deeper understanding of the technology. MindShare now goes beyond the classroom to deliver engaging interactive eLearning training both in virtual classroom and online module format. MindShare also publishes books and eBooks on a wide range of technology subjects. MindShare truly lives up to its motto by "Bringing Life to Knowledge".

MindShare now partners with Teledyne LeCroy to deliver training in 3 technology areas:

  • PCI Express Architecture
  • USB Architecture
  • DRAM ARchitecture

View or register for public courses in PCI Express, USB or DRAM architecture. To receive a 20% discount on these public courses, please use the coupon code "LeCroy" at checkout.

Dashcourses leads the way in hands-on training for Technology Professionals. Since 1990, Dashcourses leadership has been actively involved in providing training and technology services to globally based companies and government agencies.

Now more then ever, students need training environments that facilitate the learning process by providing students with real-time hands-on training environments under the guidance of expert instructors with real-world experience. Dashcourses believes that students learn best by doing and all courses provide a hands-on learning environment where students learn and apply what they have learned all at the same time. With the highest commitment to providing the most effective, high quality education for Technology Professionals, Dashcourses standards for Instructor Selection and Training are key to ensuring that your training dollars produce results.

In the area of Storage and I/O Technology, Dashcourses provides leading edge coverage on PCI Express, PCI, PCI-X, USB, Wireless USB, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), Serial ATA (SATA), InfiniBand, and the NEWLY RELEASED series on Virtualization, including PCIe IOV. In addition to courses on Storage and I/O technologies, training in the same expert hands-on fashion is available on CPU抯, Networking, Operating Systems, and Applications such as Oracle, Cisco, WebSphere, and WebLogic, to name a few.

In addition to on-site classes, Dashcourses now offers Public Courses at the Teledyne LeCroy facility in Santa Clara. To learn more about the Teledyne LeCroy/Dashcourses Public Course Schedule, visit Courses are also offered in a live and on-demand e-learning format. Live Online classes allow customers to have students participate in training from a variety of locations and eliminates the training costs that are typically associated with on-site instructor-led training. The On-Demand format consists of a pre-recorded lecture that is accessible to students from any internet connected PC giving students much more flexibility to choose when they learn and what they want to learn.

Dashcourses uses Teledyne LeCroy analyzers in all of its Storage and I/O courses. Students break into groups to use the analyzers, analyze traces, and work together on projects designed to reinforced the training materials and provide students with the real-world situations that will enable them to take their learning and put it into action when they return to work. To learn more about Dashcourses training events, visit for all your training needs.