TDR and S-Parameters

T3SP-D4MX-BUNDLE Phased Matched RF Multiplexer

Teledyne Test Tools T3SP-D4MX-BUNDLE high frequency differential multiplexer DP4T/2:8 provides a versatile RF switch for differential and single-ended applications. It is connected and powered by USB, and can be controlled from a remote user interface, or when used in conjunction with the T3SP-series TDRs, it can be directly controlled by the TDR application user interface. Equipped with internal ESD protection, it includes a set of paired cables (i.e. 5 pairs of phase matched and color coded cables), making it ideal in combination with the T3SP10D, T3SP15D and WavePulser 40iX for instant testing of multi-pair cables and connectors.

Explore T3SP-D4MX-BUNDLE Phased Matched RF Multiplexer Explore T3SP-D4MX-BUNDLE Phased Matched RF Multiplexer
Dual pole four throw Multiplexer (DP4T/2:8), Differential 100Ohm, single-ended 50Ohm, ESD protected
Key Features
  • DP4T/2:8 High Frequency Multiplexer
  • Frequency Bandwidth from DC up to 10 GHz
  • Internal ESD protection, 1 billion switching cycle
  • Instant multi-pairs cable and connector testing
  • Includes mated cable set
  • SW programming interface included
  • USB controlled and powered, small form factor

Typical Applications
  • TDR and VNA Multiplexing for stimulus-response Measurements
  • Automatic multi-pairs cable testing system
  • High-Speed serial data stream switching
  • RF signal switching and testing