HD1024 Technology

The HDO9000 with HD1024 Technology provides exceptional signal fidelity with 10-bit resolution and a superior oscilloscope experience to deliver faster time to insight.

HDO 9000 Oscilloscope

A critical element of the HDO9000 is HD1024 technology, which provides 10 bits of vertical resolution with 4 GHz bandwidth. As with all members of Teledyne LeCroy’s HDO family, the HDO9000 utilizes an exceptionally low-noise system architecture that delivers outstanding effective number of bits (ENOB).

Dynamic ADC Reconfiguration

HD1024 technology enables dynamic reconfiguration of the ADC to achieve 10 bits of vertical resolution. By automatically determining the best ADC configuration under each specific measurement condition, the HDO9000 always provides the optimal resolution. The ADC can be set to 8, 9, or 10 bit configurations.

Optimized Filtering

HD1024 high definition technology makes use of optimized filtering to provide additional resolution beyond 10-bits; extending up to 13.8 bits. When operating in low sample rate conditions, an anti-aliasing filter is automatically applied to reduce excess out-of-band noise. Additionally, resolution can be improved by applying a manual bandwidth limit on an individual channel.

HD Summary

The HDO9000 conveniently displays an overview of the HD1024 operation which can be accessed via the HD descriptor box. The bandwidth, ADC configuration, Optimized Resolution and total resolution is displayed for each channel.