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DigRF v4 bus

The DigRF 3G and v4 decode are the ideal tools for powerful system level protocol debug as well as problem solving for signal quality issues. The DigRF decodes add a unique set of tools to your oscilloscope, simplifying how you design and debug MIPI digital RF systems.

Explore DigRF v4 bus Explore DigRF v4 bus
The Most Intuitive Decode

MIPI DigRF decodes use color-coded overlays on various sections of the protocol for an easy-to-understand visual display. Depending on the time base or the amount of zoom, the decode information is condensed or expanded to better assist in understanding events during short or long acquisitions.

The Single Tool Enhances Productivity

The MIPI DigRF 3G decode solutions concentrates all your information in one place. Viewing the application layer of DigRF 3G and v4 signals on top of the physical layer provides a unique view that bus analyzers cannot. Measurements such IVRms, QVRms, PIQ, IDC, and QDC can be applied to the DigRF v4 signals for greater understanding.

Complete Compliance and Debug

For a complete MIPI toolset, Teledyne LeCroy offers a D-PHY compliance and decode package. QPHY-MIPI-DPHY provides automated compliance testing to the MIPI Alliance specification for D-PHY version 1.00.00. The D-PHY decode solution provides a simple and powerful debug solution for D-PHY, CSI-2 and DSI signals.

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