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Understanding an electronic design's susceptibility to Electronmagnetic (EM) discharge is an important element of validation. Whether fast one time event transients or repetitive bursts EM can introduce unexpected events in the circuit performance. Teledyne LeCroy Oscilloscopes offer high sample rates and measurements tailored specifically to this task. Whether one pulse or billions of measurements engineers gain insight into their device and system suseptibility.

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Leading Features
  • Fast and Accurate EMC pulse verification
  • Customizable Rise, Fall, and Width parameters
  • Histogram up to 2 billion events

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
High sample rate and bandwidth are important to accurately characterize pulse shapes created with an ESD generator. The software package offers specialized parameters with adjustable levels that allow you to customize the necessary rise time, fall time, and width measurements to ensure that the generator meets industry standards. Built-in statistics and histicons provide the ability to quickly view a large number of measurements at a single glance.

Electrical Fast Transient (EFT)
The fast rise times of EFT pulses, along with the repetition rates of EFT bursts, require an oscilloscope with both high sample rate and long memory to accurately capture the waveforms. The long memory available in X-Stream Digital Oscilloscopes, along with sequence acquisition mode, enable the capture of many EFT bursts in a short period of time. Specialized rise, fall, and width pulse parameters, added with the software package and combined with statistics and histicons, allow for fast pulse measurements over all bursts. X-Stream Digital Oscilloscopes’ built-in zoom capabilities allow you to quickly locate and view any pulses that may fall out of spec.

Validating surge waveforms requires long memory to capture pulses that occur at a very slow repetition rate. X-Stream Digital Oscilloscopes, with their built-in long memory, can capture these pulses at the appropriate sampling rate. Use of the parameters, combined with statistics and histicons, provides the ability to quickly and easily characterize surge generator pulse shapes over many acquisitions.

Pulse Parameters

Special Automatic MeasurementParameters
The software package provides customizable parameters to measure rise time, fall time, or width characteristics according to specific EMC/ESD standards. Level selections can be made to ignore undershoot, overshoot, or tail perturbations, making it quick and easy to capture and verify repetitive pulse sequences without the need to manually use time-consuming cursors. Up to 8 parameters in WavePro® or WaveMaster®/SDA can be defined at one time.

Measurement Filtering
It is not always desirable to measure every pulse in a pulse packet. Or, it is possible that there are excessive, pulse-like perturbations on the pulse tail. In this case, it is possible to measure only a certain number of pulses in an acquisition, or measure only the initial pulse rise excluding the effects of excessive tail perturbations.

Long capture time is necessary to view and verify transient pulse shapes, which can be spaced up to 10 seconds apart. The long memory of X-Stream Digital Oscilloscopes ensures the sample rate and capture time needed to verify and view these transient pulses.

Voltage Dips and Interrupts
Testing your device to meet the Voltage Dips and interrupts standard requires monitoring the device during a voltage dip. X-Stream Digital Oscilloscopes provide all the necessary tools for monitoring your device, including easy access to the necessary measurement parameters and the ability to quickly store and annotate waveforms.

EMC Pulse Parameter Software Package
This package includes enhanced Rise@level, Fall@level and Width@level parameters. The new functionality in the software package includes user definable thresholds for accurate pulse measurements. EMC includes:

  • Set measurement calculations to use one of the following: Base and Top (Absolute or Percent)
  • Peak-Peak (Percent)
  • 0V-Max (Percent)

  • Set measurement calculations to use one of the following: Base and Top (Absolute or Percent)
  • Peak-Peak (Percent
  • )
  • 0V-Min (Percent)

  • Set measurement calculations to use one of the following: Base and Top (Absolute or Percent)
  • Peak-Peak (Percent)
  • 0V-Max (Percent)
  • 0V-Min (Percent)

Measurement Filtering
  • Use a filter to limit the number of pulses reported in the parameter result
  • Gate measurement parameters to measure individual pulses in an acquisition

Histograms expanded with 19 histogram parameters and up to 2 billion events

Parameter Math
Time@level and dTime@level enhanced with new, Peak-Peak, 0 - Max and 0 - Min parameter calculation levels