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Teledyne LeCroy's FAQ/Knowledge Base lists the latest technical questions and inquiries addressed by our Applications Engineers. FAQ's include issues regarding WaveExpert Series, SDA 11000, WaveMaster 8000A Series, WavePro 7000 Series, WaveRunner 6000 A Series, WaveSurfer 400 Series, Serial Data Analyzers (SDA), Disk Drive Analyzers (DDA) and Other Products.

Protocol Solutions

The FAQ page has been created to help answer some commonly asked questions. These pages will be continually updated to include the latest and most frequently asked questions about each of our Protocol products.

The following information can be located in our Technical Library:

SPARQ Signal Integrity Network Analyzers

The Teledyne LeCroy SPARQ is a new instrument from Teledyne LeCroy. It is a TDR/TDT-based instrument that measures S-parameters on up to 4 ports & 40GHz at a fraction of the cost of a VNA, and with single button press operation. This FAQ section is a compilation of questions and answers asked by customers who previewed the SPARQ prior to its release, as well as answers to basic questions about its architecture and operation.