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USB Chief Plus Windows XP problems


I have a USB Chief Plus analyzer (U-CHF-A128) which I can't get to work with WinXP, even after installing the latest 1.34 software. I've tried it on a new laptop as well as a PC, both running XP Pro.


In general it should work, however XP is funny about exactly when you connect a device relative to installing the drivers (same for most HW on XP). As a rule you must install the drivers first on XP and THEN connect the HW. If you don’t it tends to make the device a generic USB device and it is really difficult to undo (uninstall this) - if this is the case you can (as administrator) use device manager to view hidden devices and then un-install every generic USB device (this Microsoft driver just enumerates a device and does nothing else and often prevents the right driver from finding it). Once you have uninstalled all generic USB reboot (no HW attached) and install the Chief SW, then connect the HW.

Alternatively if you are connecting to a USB hub in the monitor or keyboard this may also be the cause of the problem (XP Power management is the culprit). To verify this first connect the Chief directly to a PC root port where it should work, then you can sort out the hub once the XP system knows how to identify the Chief.


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