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Feb 12 ,2014
Untangling Calibration, Compensation, Correction and De-embedding for High-Bandwidth Oscilloscope Probes
- Presented by Patrick Connally, Teledyne LeCroy Technical Marketing Engineer, High Bandwidth Oscilloscopes
Jan 15 ,2014
DDR4 Design Considerations: Payback and Pitfalls
Presented by Mike Micheletti, Product Manager, Teledyne LeCroy Protocol Solutions Group
Jan 8 ,2014
Eliminate DDR Measurement Pitfalls
Presented by Mike Hertz, Teledyne LeCroy Field Applications Engineer
Dec 11 ,2013
Eliminate the Mystery of Cross Talk Measurements
Presented by Stephen Mueller, Teledyne LeCroy Field Applications Engineer
Dec 4 ,2013
Testing and qualifying DDR4 for JEDEC Compliance
Presented by Mike Micheletti, Product Manager, & Robert Mart, Technical Marketing Engineer, Teledyne LeCroy
Nov 13 ,2013
Corrupted High Frequency Oscilloscope Measurements
Presented by John McKnight, Teledyne LeCroy Field Applications Engineer
Oct 16 ,2013
Identifying PCIe 3.0 Dynamic Equalization Problems
Presented by David Li, Serial Data Product Marketing Manager
Sep 11 ,2013
Finding Elusive problems in High Speed Serial Data Links
Presented by Howard Williams, Teledyne LeCroy Field Applications Engineer
Aug 20 ,2013
Debugging VPX and XMC Multi-Root PCI Express Designs
Let a Teledyne LeCroy PSG expert help you solve common problems and debug methodologies in VPX/XMC. Presenter: Isaac Livny
Jun 12 ,2013 
Measurement Techniques for Power Regulation and Delivery Systems
- Presented by Stephen Mueller, Field Applications Engineer, Teledyne LeCroy
Jun 12 ,2013
Understanding and Testing DDR4 RDIMM and LRDIMM Technology
- Presented by Mike Micheletti, Product Manager - Teledyne LeCroy; & Douglas Malich. Product Markting Manager - IDT
May 15 ,2013
Small Signals Provide Big Insight: Acquiring Real-World Data in High Definition
- Presenter: Mike Hertz, Field Applications Engineer
Dec 15 ,2011 
Circuit Validation Using 12-bit ADC's in Wide-Bandwidth Digital Oscilloscopes
Nov 9 ,2011
Embedded Systems - Messen, Triggern und Decodieren mit dem Oszilloskop
Oct 27 ,2011
Oszilloskop Basics – Was mein digitales Oszilloskop wirklich alles kann