Arbitrary Waveform Generators

WaveStation 3122

120 MHz, 2ch 14bit 500MS/s Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator

NIST Traceable Calibration
Warranty Repair
NIST Traceable Calibration
Repair Charge - Standard
5 Year Warranty (including Standard warranty)
High Performance and Signal Fidelity

Accurate waveform creation with high resolution, fast sample rate, and low distortion

Extensive Waveform Library

5 basic functions and over 40 built-in arbitrary waveforms

Variety of Modulation Schemes

Built-in modulation capabilities include AM, PM, FM, ASK, PSK and FSK

Simple, Fast Waveform Creation

Quickly access functions from the front panel, view created waveforms and waveform parameters on the display

Connectivity and Communication

USB and GPIB for simple remote control, automation and transferring data

Graphical Waveform Creation

Easily create and edit waveforms on the PC and quickly transfer to the WaveStation

WSTA3082-CC$225.00NIST Traceable CalibrationRequest Quote
WSTA3082-REW$0.00Warranty RepairRequest Quote
WSTA3162-CC$225.00NIST Traceable CalibrationRequest Quote
WSTA3162-RES$715.00Repair Charge - StandardRequest Quote
WSTA3162-W5$550.005 Year Warranty (including Standard warranty)Request Quote

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