Arbitrary Waveform Generators


ArbStudio combines high performance hardware and a variety of waveform generation modes to address a wide range of signal generator requirements.

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ArbStudio 1102D
2ch 16bit 1GS/s Arbitrary Waveform and Digital Pattern Generator Limited Availability
ArbStudio 1102
2ch 16bit 1GS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator Limited Availability
Key Features
  • 125 MHz bandwidth
  • 1 GS/s maximum sample rate
  • Long memory – 2 Mpts/Ch
  • 16-bit resolution
  • 2 and 4 channel models
  • Arbitrary and Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) modes
  • Digital pattern generator
  • PWM mode
  • Sweep and burst modes
  • Modulation – AM, FM, PM, ASK, SK, PSK
Unmatched Performance

ArbStudio combines 125 MHz bandwidth with long 2 Mpts/Ch memory, fast 1 GS/s sample rate and high 16-bit resolution to provide performance unmatched by other generators. Other instruments make trade-offs between these specifications, only ArbStudio provides leading specification in every category. Along with this unmatched performance is the variety of models providing both 2 and 4 channel configurations as well as a digital pattern generator of up to 36 channels.

Intuitive User Interface

The ArbStudio software provides an intuitive interface for creating, editing and sequencing waveforms. All channels, settings and controls can be accessed from the main screen. As waveforms are created they can be previewed in the graph display.

Digital Pattern Generator

Many systems have a variety of analog and digital signals yet most waveform generators provide only analog outputs. The ArbStudio 1102D and 1104D models provide analog and digital pattern generation with 18 or 36 channels respectively.


Built-in modulation capabilities include AM, PM, FM, ASK, PSK and FSK. The modulation editor provides easy-to-use tools to configure the modulation scheme for any application.

Pulse-Width Modulation

Creating PWM signals has never been easier thanks to a dedicated control panel designed just for PWM waveforms. Easily set modulation shape, duty cycle and all other aspects of the PWM plus configure different settings for each channel.

Function Generator

All basic Sine, Square and Triangle waveforms can be created from a simple screen with controls that replicate a traditional bench top generator.


With both Arbitrary and Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) ArbStudio offers extremely flexible generation capabilities. Math and noise functions are built-in and can be combined with waveforms. Up to 8 total 4 channel models can be synchronized with the AS-SYNC cable.

ArbStudio 1102
ArbStudio 1102D
ArbStudio 1104
ArbStudio 1104D
ArbStudio 1102D$4,130.002ch 16bit 1GS/s Arbitrary Waveform and Digital Pattern Generator Limited AvailabilityRequest Quote
ArbStudio 1102$2,990.002ch 16bit 1GS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator Limited AvailabilityRequest Quote

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