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Using M.2 SATA SSDs with the Sierra SATA Protocol Analyzer Family

M.2 SATA Adapters allow easy connection between SATA Analyzers and M.2 SSDs.

Using Current Probes
Some Practical Hints on Effective Current Measurement

Teledyne LeCroy offers a series of AC/DC sensitive current probes with maximum continuous current ranges to 500 A and bandwidths to 100 MHz.

Target Emulation on Sierra Systems

Target Emulation for the SAS protocol allows the DUT to be scanned and have the mode pages of the device saved and modified, allowing the Sierra system to initiate traffic and emulate a target for development and testing. The SAS Protocol Suite software provides an easy ability to identify the Device Under Test (DUT) and monitor performance during testing.

Troubleshooting Sierra SAS 12Gbps Calibration & Link-up Issues

Guide to troubleshooting calibration and link-up issues with the Teledyne LeCroy’s Sierra SAS 12Gbps Protocol Analyzer platform.

WaveScan in the WaveSurfer 10 Oscilloscope

The WaveScan tool built into the WaveSurfer 10 oscilloscope enables the instrument to use more than 20 different search criteria to find anomalies in a captured waveform, or to scan live acquisitions for anywhere from a second to a day.

Sequence Mode in WaveSurfer 10 Oscilloscopes

Using Sequence Mode, the WaveSurfer 10 oscilloscopes from Teledyne LeCroy stores a multitude of trigger events as segments in acquisition memory. This fast-acquisition sampling mode offers fast trigger rates, time stamping of trigger events, and minimization of “dead time” between events.

Spectrum Analysis in the WaveSurfer 10 Oscilloscope

Installing the spectrum analysis option in a WaveSurfer 10 oscilloscope not only frees up space on your test bench, but it also makes frequency-domain analysis much easier and faster.

History Mode in the Wavesurfer 10 Oscilloscope

History Mode gives the WaveSurfer 10 oscilloscope a powerful debug tool, providing waveform playback that takes users back in time and effectively isolates anomalies in signals.