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Transmit a UART Frame with the WaveStation Waveform Generator

Troubleshooting low-speed serial data buses can be quite challenging. At times, an engineer may want to capture a particular frame, and re-transmit it. This is made possible with Teledyne LeCroy's WaveStation waveform generator.

Advantages of Two Channels in Waveform Generators

There are too many advantages to a two-channel waveform generator to ignore their consideration. Here is why two channels are better than one.

FM Modulation with the WaveStation 3000 Waveform Generator

The WaveStation 3000 waveform generator is a versatile tool for design and debugging. Here is how to use it to create FM-modulated waveforms.

WaveAce Integration with WaveStation

Debugging sometimes requires transfer of signals from oscilloscope to waveform generator. This document describes how to transfer signals from the WaveAce oscilloscope to the WaveStation waveform generator and vice versa.

Testing Audio Devices

Some engineers need to qualify audio devices for the Windows logo while others are designing theatre-quality sound devices for stage shows or for less expensive (but still good quality) automotive audio systems.

Creating ArbStudio Waveforms Using Formulas

LeCroy’s ArbStudio has great tools for creating simple waveforms.

Using Export & Import to Move Waveforms

LeCroy ArbStudio workspaces are strongly linked to the ArbStudio model used to create them. Workspaces created with a model 1104 cannot be directly used with a model 1102. The following procedure outlines how to use the export and import functions of the ArbStudio software to transfer waveforms between the two models.

LAB-914 Synchronizing Multiple WaveStation Function/Arbitrary Generators

The LeCroy WaveStation function/arbitrary waveform generator offers several features which make it suitable for combining multiple units into a synchronized multiple output instrument.

Loading Binary Waveforms into ArbStudio

It is possible to load and replay binary trc-files captured with a LeCroy oscilloscope with the ArbStudio arbitrary waveform generators. But the ArbStudio has a maximum memory length of 2MS per channel and a sample rate of max. 250MS/s. This application brief descibes how to circumvent these limits.

ArbStudio Triggers Using Both Input & Output Trigger With ArbStudio

ArbStudio has provision for outputting triggers synchronous with the output waveforms and accepting external triggers to begin waveform generation. This application brief describes the basic operation of both trigger modes.