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Using Current Probes
Some Practical Hints on Effective Current Measurement

Teledyne LeCroy offers a series of AC/DC sensitive current probes with maximum continuous current ranges to 500 A and bandwidths to 100 MHz.

Passive Probe Ground Lead Effects

All passive probes have some bandwidth specification which is generally in the range of a few hundred megahertz up to one gigahertz. This bandwidth is measured at the factory using a specialized test jig with a very specific ground inductance and source impedance. Depending on your connection scheme in the real world, the response and bandwidth of the probe can differ significantly. This application note will serve as a guide to predicting the performance of your probe for your specific test setup, as well as provide tips on getting the best performance out of your probe.

Power Supply Load Regulation Measurements

Power supply specifications include a large number of load-dependent parameters including load or output regulation. Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes offer parameter math, which helps measure load regulation directly.

Three-Phase Power Measurements Using a Four-Channel Scope to Measure Three-Phase Power

The two-wattmeter method for measuring power in three-phase circuits can be implemented using a four-channel oscilloscope.

Using Current Probes

Some Practical Hints on Effective Current Measurement

LAB WM-1026

Ground lead inductance can cause signal distortion. Choosing the correct signal lead configuration is important.