Virtual Test Track - Cellular Testing

Cellular connectivity has become an integral part of the connected car. Testing these LTE systems and cellular connectivity is time consuming and expensive – additional cellular test equipment must be purchased, personnel with LTE training and experience must be hired, and then actual physical test drives need to be taken to verify LTE systems in the vehicle perform as they should in various locations. But that has all changed with Virtual Test Track, a cellular service offered at the Teledyne LeCroy Automotive Technology Center near Detroit, Michigan.

Teledyne LeCroy turned to Spirent Communications, a worldwide leader in cellular performance and GNSS location testing solutions, as its technology partner to deliver the new service offering. This service creates a virtual test track, allowing manufacturers to ensure that capabilities such as Wi-Fi hot spot, streaming media, and emergency calling all perform as intended. Virtual test tracks exercise the vehicle as it moves between 3G and 4G coverage, across carrier and roaming and country borders, and as it experiences areas of marginal coverage, interference and high cell loading. Teledyne LeCroy has pioneered a new way for the connected car industry to test automotive wireless technologies, and set the standard for 5G connectivity testing.

Automotive Technology Center

The Teledyne LeCroy Automotive Technology Center is the premier Bluetooth device testing and services partner, with an enormous device library comprising 3000+ devices including coverage for every major car model.

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