Classes of Service

As a seasoned extension of your QA department, Frontline Test Services offers consultancy and interoperability services to help in all stages of product development from specification, to market launch and beyond.


Interoperability and Consultancy Services

Teledyne LeCroy offers test and consultancy services to help in all stages of product development from Specification to Market Launch and beyond. Live results are available via a web interface. Teledyne LeCroy develops protocol analyzers and other test tools that are used by many manufacturers; this gives us a unique insight and experience into connectivity technologies such as Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi.

Interoperability Stages

Consultancy Stages

Interoperability and Consultancy Stages


knowledge and capabilities

Technology training for managers
In-depth training for engineers
Use of test tools to an advanced level


Interoperability Database

live results via secure website

Supporting information: observations, logs
In-built bug tracking or links to your system
Database of devices and their features


Validation Testing

conformance with the specification

Bluetooth Protocols – PTS
RF testing Bluetooth Classic and LE – TLF3000
HCI BLE testing – Harmony


App Testing

confidence across platforms

Performance, functionality, UI and UX
Intermittent or transitory issues and unexpected behaviors
Security vulnerabilities and resilience to cyber-attacks


Test Strategy

cost and time effectiveness

Holistic approach to testing of device features, UX, UI
Confidence for a given market
Improved customer satisfaction


Supplier Specifications

feature and behavior targets

Help creating design specifications
RFPs to inprove suppliers’ products
Reduced unexpected behaviors that cause delays



perfomance and usability

Product analysis of features, UI and UX
Competitive in customer surveys



confidence before launch

Issue capture during development
Root-cause analysis (RCA) determines faults
Resource concentrated on real issues


Product Launch

market readiness

In-depth assessment to ensure interoperability
Balanced approach to confidence versus time and cost
Validation and correction of field issues



issues and feature additions

Ensured interoperability against new or updated devices
Increased market coverage
Updates and new features do not compromise your product


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