Protocol Analyzers


Gen-Z is a data-access technology designed to provide high-speed, low-latency, memory-semantic access to data and devices via direct-attached, switched or fabric topologies. Gen-Z components use low-latency read and write operations to directly access data and use a variety of advanced operations to move data with minimal application or processor involvement. Gen-Z fabric utilizes memory-semantic communications to move data between memories on different components with minimal overhead. Memory-semantic communications are extremely efficient and simple, which is critical to delivering optimal performance and power consumption. Teledyne LeCroy provides protocol analysis and error injection test equipment to support development and debug of Gen-Z based devices

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Summit M5x Protocol Analyzer /Jammer  The Summit M5x is Teledyne LeCroy's PCIe/ NVMe Jammer solution and is the latest protocol analyzer targeted at high speed PCI Express 4.0 I/O-based applications such as workstation, desktop, graphics, storage, and network card applications.
PXP-400A Test Platform  The Teledyne LeCroy PXP-400A Test Platform provides a convenient means for testing PCIe 4.0 add-in cards with a self-contained portable and powered passive backplane. The PXP-400A provides power required for both cards under test, and an interposer can be used for connection to a protocol analyzer.