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Founded in 1984, Mathsoft™ has been helping engineers perform and document critical calculations in the familiar language of mathematics for two decades. Its flagship Mathcad® product line, the only engineering software package that supports true mathematical notation, is the personal choice of more than 1.5 million engineers and is sold in more than 50 countries.

From the beginning, Mathcad has stood apart because of its ability to automatically document an engineer’s calculations in the language of applied mathematics. Rather than conceal calculations in unreadable code or hide formulas behind cells, Mathcad makes it easy for engineers to communicate the rationale that goes into their calculations, enabling collaboration and design quality assurance.

Mathsoft’s presence and contributions toward technical innovation in engineering span a broad range of markets and industries, including electronics and electrical equipment, civil engineering services, education, defense and aerospace, telecommunications and government.


XDEV Advanced Customization package for WaveMaster

Only WaveMaster completely integrates Mathcad into the scope’s processing stream by allowing you to create and deploy a new measurement or math algorithm directly into the WaveShape Analysis Engine and display the result on the DSO in real-time! There is no need to establish remote communication between the scope and another program, create a new reference waveform or transfer large data files between the analyzer and another program. With the XDEV Advanced Customization package, you extend WaveMaster to include your most recent new technology algorithms the same day they are created.

To view a brief presentation on the use of Mathcad in WaveMaster, please follow this LINK.

This presentation is also available for download in PDF format.
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To learn more about Mathcad please follow this LINK

Download Mathcad Example Files

View the following Mathcad Demonstration for your WaveMaster Oscilloscope and review the .mcd files below.

Mathcad - WaveMaster XDEV Intro


Waveform Manipulation & Analysis

 KSmooth Function
 Medium Smooth Function
 Invert Function
 Super Smooth Function