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Teledyne LeCroy Announces New MultiPort™ Analysis for PCIe 4.0 Protocol Analyzers


SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 21, 2017 -- Teledyne LeCroy Inc., the worldwide leader in protocol test solutions, today announced new MultiPort™ analysis capability for its Summit™ PCI Express 4.0 Protocol Analyzer line of products. MultiPort analysis in the Teledyne LeCroy PCIe 4.0 Protocol Analyzer enables multiple PCIe Links to be captured, recorded and displayed helping development teams get the whole I/O transactional picture for dual port SSDs and switch topologies.

Teledyne LeCroy was the first to introduce PCIe 4.0 protocol analysis and test equipment two years ago. Since that time, Teledyne LeCroy had worked closely with the development community to ensure that their analysis and test tools have the latest features such as MultiPort analysis for computer storage and server applications.  Teledyne LeCroy's MultiPort analysis supports capturing, recording and simultaneous display of four x4 links, two x8 links or one x16 link on the Summit T416 protocol analyzer as well as two x4 links or one x8 link on the Summit T48 protocol analyzer. Each PCIe link will take advantage of the deep memory buffers of the existing Summit T4 family of products. Side band signaling will also be captured, recorded and displayed providing complete in-band and out-of-band traces between the multiple time-correlated PCIe link recordings. "Teledyne LeCroy will be the first to bring time correlated MultiPort analysis to the PCIe development community and will provide this as a standard feature in the PCIe 4.0 family of products," said John Wiedemeier, Senior Product Marketing Manager in the Protocol Solutions Group, Teledyne LeCroy. "Teledyne LeCroy will continue to innovate and support new features in its portfolio of protocol analysis products. Our goal is to maximize our customer's analysis and test capabilities so they can accomplish their ever increasing test challenges."

Engineers involved in developing enterprise data storage systems rely on Teledyne LeCroy PCI Express protocol analyzers tools for identifying, diagnosing errors and solving interoperability and performance issues. The intuitive views, including built-in protocol translations, hierarchical display, real-time statistics, protocol traffic summaries, detailed error reports, powerful scripting and the ability to create user defined test reports allow developers to troubleshoot intricate problems and finish their projects on time. MultiPort analysis will make possible in one analyzer platform what would have taken multiple analyzer platforms to accomplish. The feature rich capabilities of the Summit T4 family and cost savings using MultiPort make these tools attractive to companies working with SSD storage, switch and repeater technologies. MultiPort will become available for use in the first quarter of 2018. For additional information, contact Teledyne LeCroy (1-800-553-2769) or visit Teledyne LeCroy's web site at teledynelecroy.com.

PCI-SIG is the consortium that owns and manages PCI specifications as open industry standards. The organization defines industry standard I/O (input/output) specifications consistent with the needs of its members. Currently, PCI-SIG is comprised of over 700 industry-leading member companies. To join PCI-SIG, and for a list of the Board of Directors, visit www.pcisig.com.

About Teledyne LeCroy
Teledyne LeCroy is a leading manufacturer of advanced oscilloscopes, protocol analyzers, and other test instruments that verify performance, validate compliance, and debug complex electronic systems quickly and thoroughly. Since its founding in 1964, the Company has focused on incorporating powerful tools into innovative products that enhance "Time-to-Insight". Faster time to insight enables users to rapidly find and fix defects in complex electronic systems, dramatically improving time-to-market for a wide variety of applications and end markets. Teledyne LeCroy is based in Chestnut Ridge, N.Y. For more information, visit Teledyne LeCroy's website at teledynelecroy.com.