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Teledyne LeCroy Releases Mercury T2P Analyzer Delivering Low-Cost Solution With Real-Time Power Measurement and Enhanced Support for Type-C Alternate Modes

Robust platform delivers confidence in results for critical power measurements and enables safe single charging standard for USB Power Delivery

Milpitas, CA June 13th, 2018 – Teledyne LeCroy, a worldwide leader in serial data test solutions, announced the release of the new Mercury T2P Analyzer, a low cost, robust USB Type-C Protocol Analyzer that offers confidence in results that are not available from alternative open-source or shareware-based analyzers.  With upgraded VBUS (power) analysis and optional support for DisplayPort™ Auxiliary channel message decoding, the Mercury T2P analyzer has full support for USB 2.0 protocol testing and adds advanced USB Type-C analysis capabilities.  

Teledyne’s new platform, which is now available, includes the Mercury T2P Power Tracker™, a power analysis tool that has become essential for testing power delivery protocol and helps enable the promise of USB Power Delivery (PD) to safely provide a single charging standard across a growing range of USB devices from smartphones and hard drives, to printers, laptops and displays.  The Mercury T2P Power Tracker™ monitors voltage and current on VBUS, VCONN, and the USB Type-C Communication Channel (CC) and graphs voltage and current in a histogram format while displaying synchronized message level traffic. As a result, developers can use the T2P Power Tracker to correlate PD protocol messages with real-time voltage measurements to ensure compliance and safely deliver the right amount of power for the device being charged.  

“The Mercury T2P Analyzer builds upon Teledyne’s long history of delivering innovation in USB development since 1997,” said Mike Micheletti, USB Product Manager at Teledyne LeCroy. “The Power Tracker™ graphical display sets the standard for ease of use and accuracy for developers that need reliable PD test tools. Offering these advanced capabilities in the affordable Mercury line means developers now have a low-cost, high-quality option for critical power measurements and will no longer need to compromise with sub-standard, open-source, and shareware-based PD analyzers.”  

The most widely implemented alternate mode (Alt Mode) of Type C is for DisplayPort (DP). The Mercury T2P offers the ability to capture and decode DisplayPort Auxiliary channel messages, including configuration messages, enabling DP connectivity troubleshooting.  Power Delivery 3.0 protocol capture is fully supported and is also available as a licensed option.  This mode provides full analysis and decoding of all PD packets over the CC link including Source/Sink communication, Authentication, Firmware Update, and Alt-Mode commands.

The Mercury T2P includes many of the advanced analysis features found on the high-end Voyager analyzer including sequential and hierarchical displays, protocol traffic summaries, detailed error reports, and comprehensive USB device-class decoding.

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