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T3SA Series - Spectrum Analyzers

Teledyne Test Tools new T3SA3000 family of Spectrum Analyzers offers a frequency range of 9 KHz to either 2.1/3.2 GHz alongside many impressive features. With their light weight, small form factor, and user friendly interface, these Spectrum Analyzers take powerful and reliable automatic measurements that are presented on a large, bright, easy to read touch screen display. Typical uses for the T3SA3000 series are research and development, education, production, maintenance, and pre-compliance testing.

Explore T3SA Series - Spectrum Analyzers Explore T3SA Series - Spectrum Analyzers
9KHz-2.1GHz, Spectrum Analyzer, Phase Noise<-98dBc/Hz, Amplitude Accuracy<0.7dB, 10.1" Color Display
9KHz-3.2GHz, Spectrum Analyzer, Phase Noise<-98dBc/Hz, Amplitude Accuracy<0.7dB, 10.1" Color Display
Key Features
  • All Digital IF technology
  • 10.1” WVGA (1024 x 600) Display
  • Frequency range from 9 KHz up to 3.2 GHz
  • -161 dBm/Hz Displayed Average Noise Level (Typ)
  • -98 dBc/Hz @ 10 khz Offset Phase Noise (Typ)
  • Total Amplitude Accuracy < 0.7 dB
  • 1 Hz Minimum Resolution Bandwidth (RBW)
  • Comes with standard Preamplifier and Tracking Generator Kits.
  • Optional Reflection/VSWR, Advanced Measurement Kit and EMI Pre-compliance measurement kits.
Easy to operate, Supports Four Independent Traces and Cursors

The T3SA3000 series has four selectable color-coded traces which can be used for different functions such as Max Hold, Min Hold, Clear-Write, Math, Average, etc.

Other Software Options

T3SA Spectrum Analyzer Tracking Generator Kit Limited Availability
T3SA Spectrum Analyzer EMI measurement kit Limited Availability
T3SA Spectrum Analyzer series Advanced measurement kit ,including ACPR, CHPower and OBW. Limited Availability
T3SA Spectrum Analyzer Reflect measurement Software Kit Limited Availability

Miscellaneous Accessories

Near Field Probe Kit, 300 kHz - 3 GHz Frequency Range
T3SA Spectrum Analyzer Utility Kit: Contains Cables and Adaptors
Return Loss Bridge for T3SA series. Limited Availability
Reflection Measurement Option for T3SA series. Limited Availability
T3SA 4 near-field probes; Frequency range: 30MHz-3GHz; resolution 25mm, for EMI measurements